How to Overcome Distractions in 7 Days! how to

How to Overcome Distractions in 7 Days! #buildempire


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How to Overcome Distractions?
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Hello Everyone, In this video I would be talking about 6 Practical Tips to avoid getting distracted while preparing for IIT JEE or any other exam. Your IIT Bombay Motivation would go in vain if you often get distracted. We would also be talking about the scientific reasons why people usually get distracted. Watch the video till the end to get to a stage where you will never be distracted again.
If you are coming here for the first time – Hey, I’m Tharun, a final year student at IIT Kharagpur. I make videos on things that interest me, and I hope you might have liked this video. If you didn’t, I can’t help. But if you did, I love you!!
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00:00 – Story of Distraction
00:50 – Introduction
01:30 – How to overcome distractions
02:22 – Scientific Reasons
03:30 – 6 Practical Ways to stop Distractions
03:41 – Make a Study Space
04:20 – Targets and Deadlines
04:53 – Smart Phone Distractions
07:03 – Write it down
07:28 – Food, Sleep and Workout
08:23 – Reward Yourself
08:56 – Conclusion

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