How to pack an adventure bike how to

How to pack an adventure bike #buildempire


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Are you overloading your bike and ruining it’s handling? In this video I’ll break down the basic handling elements of a motorcycle and how you should pack weight to the bike to optimise it’s performance.

For this feature we’re using the standard 2022 Yamaha Tenere 700, which represents the modern mid-size adventure motorcycle.

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  1. Other than the food, my setup is 100% identical to yours 😁
    Riding a 701.

  2. P.s. Hard panniers breaks legs!

  3. Jannie Barnard

    Yea, good advice, after all, its about adventure, getting liberated from all accumulated baggage from life also, less is more..

  4. Joachim Jäger

    “your grandmothers ashes in your topbox” :-)))
    You made my day! 😀

  5. Lite is right, keep it simple.

  6. Thank you!!! I hate GS-caravans!!! AND screaming american idiots for that matter, so we DO need you! Big thanx from Sweden!

  7. George Ferguson

    Bivy/Mat/Bag, First Aid/Personal care, Clothes, Non-perishable foods, Filter/Water, Bike maintenance, Camera equipment, Navigation items

  8. Nikhil prakash

  9. Very nice…for an overnight stay. No warm gear, no waterproofs. Spare gloves. Camera gear. Chargers etc

  10. Adam Lindqvist

    We are packing very similar.

    But I would like to start making videos of riding. And here comes my issue. A camera and a GoPro kit takes up a bit space. And then for those awesome drone shots that will also takes some space..

    What’s your solution on that ?

    Very good content from your channel by the way 👍

  11. Mate thank you awesome….you’re like Yoda for riders on the journey searching for real adventure ha 👌🏻…you’re so right about those 2 wheeled caravans are almost more about how much stuff you can carry than the riding itself.

  12. Jack Christodoulou

    Far out I just pack my mobile phone to book a motel room or to call a bike mechanic

  13. I still missing some clothes or thit a just mis that part 🧐. 😊

  14. I agree with it all. I carry only what I need . Fuck carrying all that weight…

  15. Nice vid bloke, you should name the T7 “true blue”. When you heading to Brisvegas? You can keep the beans in the bag and I’ll do up a few T-bones and a couple of gold tins ya mad bastard. Then we can hit Glasshouse for a spin. Love your work mate

  16. Chainsawversustree

    I only take tube changing tools these days. 10 day trip 1 tshirt 1 pair of hiking pants two jocks 1 socks that’s it

  17. Basically all you need is a credit card and buy stuff/accommodation when needed. But I can’t afford it! If camping, you need stuff and the lighter tents and sleeping pads are expensive. If you prefer cooking yourself and avoid restaurants, that takes some space too. So a lot of choices to make when packing.

  18. Simple and ready to go without the “what if’s”, that’s what is all about. Continue having fun and sharing 😎

  19. tools and heavy stuff up front in a tank bag, or tank panniers if your camera gear is in the tank bag. balances the weight better.

  20. 100% I see all these blokes on these ridiculous BMW’s and Africa twins etc that can’t ride and weigh 300 plus kg stuck halfway up basically anthills. Salesperson’s dream.

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