How to Paint a Garage Door | Curb Appeal Fast & Cheap how to

How to Paint a Garage Door | Curb Appeal Fast & Cheap #buildempire


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  1. The final finish of the door has a ton of “orange peel.” Is that the sprayer’s fault or was it like that before you painted it?

  2. Roney Chandomi

    April excelet good 👍

  3. So good to know that even a professional, such as yourself, is just as klutzy as I am with painting projects. Your little dance at the end was a great Stan Laurel impression..please take no offense, it really made me smile.

  4. Wait just a minute! No boots! What is she doing here😁

  5. Great tutorial on painting the doors. I have an existing garage door and 2 doors on my shop addition that I need to paint so this was right on time. I will be using my airless sprayer as well to paint them

  6. Do you recommend Airless or HVLP for the home diy’r?


  7. I did the same thing last yr. Brighter blue though. Then painted my front door and shutters to match and then found a mailbox the same color.

    Nice simple project!

  8. any tips on painting the gaps between the panels (seen at 6:06)? my garage door is dark brown but has the beigewhite original color where the painter ignored the gaps. drives me nuts every time i open the door!

  9. now i’m anxious to see what you do with the stone lol 🙂

  10. Donald Trabeaux

    Nice job April

  11. Leah Porwse 🌹🌹

    Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge.🥰

  12. Was hoping you were gonna paint between the panels.

  13. Bear Creek Woodworking

    Your garage doors look awesome April! Is the Wagner Sprayer hard to clean afterwards? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. You always make me laugh. You’re so funny! That’s a nice scrub brush on an extender 🥰 My favorite tip is the raising the garage door so you don’t have to bend…especially painting! That Wagner 370 really did the job. Love it! Beautiful color! It really looks nice! Great job, April! 👍

  15. Good job and nice colour!

  16. Magnificent as always! The painter is perty magnificent too…even the weird kicks! Lol


    Purtyful purtyful purtyful, looks great April. You did a great job painting the garage doors. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Fred.

  18. Julie Rinehart

    I just painted my garage door blue this past summer too! I’m in love with it. It was a very worn out black when I bought the house. It looks so much better now. I painted my front door the same color too.

  19. CJB McCrescent

    The New Color is beautiful.

  20. Raising the door up right after spray painting is a very good tip! 👍
    Like always thanks for sharing.

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