How To Photograph Unique Portraits how to

How To Photograph Unique Portraits #buildempire


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Join award-winning portrait photographer Ian Munro and Sony for this free tutorial around capturing portraits in unique locations. From abandoned buildings to empty spas, Ian will show you how he created his incredible project, Journey Man. In the session, he will focus on gear and technical requirements, working with minimal resource, and give you tips on how to be creative at home.

The course will cover:

• Planning and setup.

• Kit requirements.

• Settings.

• Tips and tricks when working from home.

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  1. micro 43photos

    I am old enough to remember boring city gents and bank managers looking like this. Well done, you have turned them in to a cult figure !!!!

  2. informative 13mins Thanks Wex.



  4. Kamyar Ghanbari

    Thank you Ian; this was a wonderful short window into your workflow

  5. Ian Munro Art

    Good Afternoon from a wet and windy South Wales. 🙂

  6. Ian Munro Art

    Looking forward to this. I’ll be online in the comments to answer your questions.

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