How to Play Katarina into Ranged Poke Matchups | Super Informative Commentary how to

How to Play Katarina into Ranged Poke Matchups | Super Informative Commentary #buildempire


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Uploading EVERY DAY my climb up while giving informative commentary. I’m going to try to teach as many different concepts as possible from macro to micro. My goal is to get my viewers to diamond. Stay tuned for coaching as well! It will open soon. Feedback down in the comments is always appreciated.

I stream games for fun on my Twitch and upload short and simple Katarina guides on my Tiktok. The climbing videos are recorded separately.

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  1. This 25:02 tripple was so amazing)

  2. What decides whether you go dark seal or sword starting items?

  3. Edgar Hipolito

    so you telling me i need to hit him to put pressure? i usually like to feed them and die and sometimes i flash in fountain for fun

  4. Vinicius D'Amaro

    Hey man, love your videos. Please do a video explaining what to do after the first tower falls, mid/late game, etc..thankss!!!

  5. mansouri hazem

    keep it up brother <3

  6. Kevin you look amazing!!! great video!

  7. Thanks for the good Intel as always!!

  8. I’ve been otping Akali since season 6 and since I watch this series I’ve become very good with Katarina. I haven’t played Akali the whole week and I’m carrying matches. Thank you so much. I still have problems knowing which champions counter Katarina and which ones are countered by her, I’d love you to explain that some time.

  9. Ranked or ranged? xD

  10. Hello 👋🏼

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