How To Play Like EMORY TATE!! how to

How To Play Like EMORY TATE!! #buildempire


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Time stamps in the video so you can jump around as you wish! Thanks for watching!! Let me know if you enjoyed in the comments and remember to send me your games (on lichess: willtaylorchess) if you get to play this theory against any unsuspecting opponents!!

0:00 Intro
0:43 Main Line Begins…
1:25 Mokele Mbembe Variation
2:45 Brooklyn Variation
3:47 Main Line Cont…
4:20 Squirrel Variation
5:17 Main Line Cont…
6:03 4.d6
10:09 Tate Variation 5.d6
12:30 Tate Variation 5.e6
14:17 Tate Variation 5.Nc6
16:18 SUMMARY!!!
16:57 Outro

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  1. theycallmejpj

    Why all these videos about Emory Tate…?

  2. Joshu Higashikata

    The quality of these videos are so nice.

  3. The son of him landed in jail

  4. watching your channel grow day by day is very pleasant. keep up the good work lad

  5. Tyler Leswing

    Great video, you’re one of the best chess analysts/speakers out there!

  6. So proud of myself everytime I guessed d4 loll

  7. Love your videos man but only thing you i would give my honest feedback is your audio, its too low even in my highest setting.

  8. I’m surprised at the extreme quality of these videos for such a small youtuber. The commentary, analysis and games are all very high quality. Keep up the good work

  9. WILLTAYLORCHESS upload notification makes me so happy

  10. You should start series, analyzing every game he has played, (even lost games) explaining every move and so on.. would be very interesting

  11. Ayeee lessgoo

  12. Luō ēn dasnewtron

    it’s impossible to watch this entire video and not do the signature Tate hand position.

  13. Nasri Mohammed

    just found your channel, im a beginner and found your videos to be helpful, keep it up my g

  14. Wise Wanderer

    Your analysis and insights made me start playing chess man! Keep up the good work!

  15. I’m a huge fan of the Tate brothers and seeing their father’s games has really got me into chess.
    Would love to see more of his games in ur channel.
    Keep up the good work

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