How to Play Texas 42 how to

How to Play Texas 42 #buildempire


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We bust out the ivory for our new favorite domino betting game, Texas 42 or 42.
Thanks to Brad Whittington for joining us! See more at
Thanks to Brandt Hughes for the explanation. See more at @EmergentBeacon

⸺ music ⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺
“Neighborhood” by Brandt Hughes
“60S Samba – Bed – 2018 Remaster” by matthewcreid
⸺ chapters ⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺
0:00 – opening
0:25 – intro to 42
2:33 – how to play Texas 42
11:13 – first bid (face-up)
23:15 – second bid
29:07 – third bid
33:58 – to save 10% off
35:28 – cta + bonus clip

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⸺ credits ⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺
Brian Brushwood – host
Jason Murphy – host –
Brandt Hughes – senior editor / voiceover host –
Bryce Castillo – camera operator
Annaliese Martin – live audio engineer / copy editor / camera operator / guest
Jeff McLaughlin – guest
Brad Whittington – guest

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  1. very cool

  2. It’s like Euchre but with dominos and more complicated bidding/scoring

  3. this is like a card game we call “Americano”. the person that wins the bid gets to decide which suit is the Trump suit and then you throw out the lowest card of that suit on the table and ask for the highest of that suit you don’t have. so say, your hand is: Ace, king Queen, ten, 8, 7 and 2 of diamonds, you throw down the 2 and ask for the jack of diamonds and whoever has the jack of diamonds is your partner for that hand and only that hand.

  4. I was here when this video’s title was something else.

  5. Kurtis Tomasch

    That looks awesome to play I will try it thank you

  6. Brian Kofford

    Awesome job, @gatowag

  7. Ben L. of the GameCat Army

    Did they ever learn how to play actual mahjong, the one that’s kinda like Gin

  8. This isn’t Spades, this is Bridge bidding, play and scoring. The difference and confusion comes from the way the “cards” change suit and value from hand-to-hand. And the lack of a Dummy hand for the Winning bidder to play alone.

  9. William Pierce

    This is where I learned Spades is basically Euchre

  10. R-O-U-G-E Spell it right!

  11. My grandparents are from the panhandle and they play this game!

  12. It’s euchre with dominoes.

  13. That comment about playing poker with a tarot deck makes me think you guys need to do an episode on tarocchini, the card game that _originated_ the tarot deck in Renaissance Italy. (Disputes over the rules should be settled with rapiers for maximum historical accuracy.)

  14. This sounds similar to spades

  15. ftlPhysicsGuy

    Okay, learning that Brian talked to Shatner during dinner about wave-particle duality and the double-slit experiment just makes me so jealous. I mean, yes, I have a physics PhD, and yes — of course — I’m a Trek fan, so that would have been an awesome conversation to me.

  16. Michael Rolph

    This is like Euchre and Pinochle had a a baby…and it was good.

  17. “I tried playing poker with Tarot cards one time”
    I know that’s meant to be a spooky-esque joke but one of my relatives has a deck of playing cards that I believe is comprised of or mimics the Lesser Arcana cards. So you can actually play poker with tarot cards 🤣🤣

  18. This is basically spades done with dominoes.

  19. Shamanic Pistol

    Thought you was gonna win at the end there Brian, no choice but to flip the table I guess.

  20. soullessrider

    Where’s the pizza though?

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