How to Prepare for the HORRIFYING Reality of Nuclear War | Glenn TV | Ep 254 how to

How to Prepare for the HORRIFYING Reality of Nuclear War | Glenn TV | Ep 254 #buildempire


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What happened to our healthy fear of nuclear war? The world reacted in horror to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine one year ago this week. But one of the alarming side effects of Putin’s war is how talk of using nuclear weapons has been almost casually tossed around over the last year. Last fall, our own president said the world could face nuclear “Armageddon” if Putin uses a nuke on Ukraine. People mostly shrugged and moved on. Almost 78 years removed from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and 31 years since the end of the Cold War, we’ve lost our proper fear of nuclear war. These are terrifying weapons, some of which are 3,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. We need a wake-up call about the reality of nuclear war and why it must NEVER happen. Glenn takes you through how the nuclear arms race developed between the U.S. and Russia. He also explores the current nuclear threats, what nuclear war would actually entail, and the unthinkable consequences that would result. Are we prepared? Is there anything you can do to increase your chance of survival in a nuclear attack?

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  1. Happy 2023..? 🎉🗽🍾

  2. This is terrifying! I was born in 1953, I remember the fallout shelters in the small town I grew up in. I am in a wheelchair today and I believe it is because of nuclear testing in the 50’s and 60’s. My husband is gone now because of a medical malpractice issue but he , along with most of the boys from my generation. The girls came down with MS! He received a settlement from the “downwinder” society… but MS has never been included. My condition was because of radiation exposure from 1953 to 1962. Years have passed now, but no one remembers what happened!! Well, I shouldn’t say on one but most of my generation is dead but here we go again! What’s wrong with our society???

  3. Stephen Strydom

    American hubris and arrogance is going to destroy us all and this for Ukraine? Wake the hell up America.

  4. I’m worried that we are going to go to the nuclear war I remember when my dad was in the Vietnam War he did three tours I was pretty young but I remember born in 1963 that sounds like a long time ago I would have thought that we’d had enough of War this shouldn’t be happening

  5. Shirelene Bane

    Thank you

  6. spot on!!!.

  7. Staggered by the delusion of the US that the could take on the Russian and the Chinese plus the rest of 80% of the world. You sure as he’ll overestimate yourselves.

  8. I was a 70s/80s kid and was oblivious to most of this…the movies War Games and Red Dawn have stayed with me forever. I am intensely grateful for Glen to lay this out in such a perfect timeline. I’m speechless..

  9. Thank you Glenn for this gruesome reminder to what’s on the line?

  10. Thanks Glenn it’s right about time we take things into consideration. Be ready everyone be safe !!!

  11. Glenn. What does nuclear war have to do with a spinning 1980s cartoon television at the lower left of your show?


    Nuclear war, WW3, does none of these governments see the carbon emissions this will cause .if they really cared about the world , every nuclear test ,millions of natural life dies,,, makes the area “dead” for many many years ,they claim to care about the Earth. As a mother I fear for the future for my children.

  13. Enough with the “Fear-mongering”, there is no money in Nuclear war. The banks, who finance all these idiots for their own benefit, won’t allow it.

  14. N.C. Open Carry

    I remember that scare , this administration has me concerned, with a nuclear power plant 1mile to my south & the largest munitions seaport 2miles to my north ….. i figure i stand a snoballs chance in hell to survive , the only plus side… it’ll be quick 😔😔

  15. Janina Hendrych

    What will you do with your wealth -??? your money will be worth nothing -learn how to survive as a homeless-if you will still be alive -Time for judgment is at the door-All souls murdered must pray -that USA will pay for your evil against others -Hallelujah

  16. อมลรดา รงค์ทอง

    Thank you..❤️

  17. USA mainstream media parroting the exact sames lines. Usually they are bullshitting, is this time different. Everyone with half a brain knows Russia is winning and nobody has the nuts to face Russia head on.

  18. Anwaar's Tarot

    They rather nuclear war than President Trump. They will do ANYTHING to stop him from stopping them. Even if it means suicide.

    Don’t forget Denver International Airport. They’re already prepared. This is been the plan for decades. Why do you think “President Joe Biden” was created? He’s the most brilliant weapon China has ever formed against America.

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