How to PREVENT REPAIRING YOUR Nintendo Switch… how to

How to PREVENT REPAIRING YOUR Nintendo Switch… #buildempire


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🎮 Hey, Swizzlecakes! Thanks so much for tuning in! Today, Max will be talking about how to PREVENT REPAIRING YOUR Nintendo Switch! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the short! 🎮

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    Dust Cover shown in video ➡️

    Hybrid Cover ➡️

    Soft Case ➡️

  2. Peppa Pig Edits & Gaming

    What. About. The. *KICKSTAND!*

  3. Be gentle 😏

  4. しろいです

    bruh theres no way i can be gentle playing splatoon💀for animal crossing yeah but i barely play acnh anymore

  5. Khalid Abu qaddum

    But when it comes down to playing games like Doom, overwatch, fortnite, Megaman, it’s hard to play in a gentle manner since like these games are fast pace action games which may explain why games like those weakens the controller I honestly think that it’s thanks to overwatch that my joy cons are the way they are

  6. That dust cover would have been helpful 4 years ago 😅

  7. They made this console for kids too fragile

  8. fares_gamer603

    How to prevent you Nintendo switch from needing a repair simple don’t buy a switch and get a steam deck

  9. Mop_Man_Julian

    the joycons tho

  10. MarioAndSonicMovies

    I left my switch in bed one day in a dark room and it overheated somehow.

  11. wow. I rushed to put in splatoon 3 the night I got it.

  12. You don’t really need the dust cover, unless you plan on not playing it for months on end.

  13. I just leave my Nintendo Switch undocked and in a case when I’m not playing on it.

  14. Here’s a tip: don’t pull the joy-cons out by itself. Don’t yank it out. Hold the buttons on the back to get it out.
    Another tip: don’t dropped heavy items on the switch. It can easily break the screen or joy-cons.

  15. My brother dropped my switch off his bed and the right joycon stick broke.
    I think my right joycon has been through enough because most buttons don’t work, the right stick is gone, and it won’t even connect to a switch when you slide it on the side.

  16. MalProPlays12

    Thx for the tips

  17. That Canadian Guy

    Too late

  18. That guy that exist

    Arent u the same guy who said third party fans and screen protecters are useless

  19. The NeedForSpeeder

    Or just you know, take care of it?

  20. I’m I the only one who has never and will never have one

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