How To Produce 223 Billion Pounds Of Milk In America – Dairy Farm In America how to

How To Produce 223 Billion Pounds Of Milk In America – Dairy Farm In America #buildempire


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Today we will visit a few dairy farms in the United States to see how the process of tending dairy cows and harvesting millions of tons of milk happens.
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  1. Love milk ❤

  2. India is the largest milk producer country

  3. The process of harvesting silage near dairy farms is what excites me.

  4. Cow’s milk is my daily drink. Thanks to the dairy farmers who created them.

  5. Seyhun Armağan

    Tony, your videos are always very detailed and very interesting to watch for non-Farmers. I love dairy cows.

  6. Barış Pehlivan

    One thing that makes me wonder is how old dairy cows will be handled?

  7. How much milk can each dairy cow in the United States produce per year?

  8. I never knew the process to produce cow’s milk. Although I drink a cup a day haha.

  9. Dmekdmfmf Msmsdmdm

    I was a dairyman 30 years ago. It is so interesting to see how far the dairy industry has come.

  10. How will the waste at these dairy farms be treated?

  11. I am a dairy farmer for more than 20 years. However, I only raise 20 cows and my milk is organic.

  12. { ALMİNA } { KESKİN }

    really weird to see milk filled in plastic, because i grew up milk with paper or glass (europe).

  13. Why are people disliking this? This is not a cow killing factory.


    Breeding technology in the United States is almost No. 1 in the world. They make a lot of food for the world.

  15. Zuleyha Gurbuz

    I know that there are many factories that have mixed other ingredients into the milk.

  16. There’s so much added in the cow’s milk production process these days, it sucks.

  17. Do you know how many dairy farms there are in the United States?

  18. This is very relaxing video and knowing about agriculture, I never knew the working process of dairy farm.

  19. A large and modern farm, very inspiring but of course very much in need of a very large capital.

  20. Please go vegan for your health and save these cows from a life of slavery and torture and exploitation.

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