How To Quickly Build Your Run Mileage! how to

How To Quickly Build Your Run Mileage! #buildempire


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Building up your run mileage can be challenging and quite risky if you push it too far. Whether you’ve got an event coming up or you’re restless to run further, here’s our advice on how to build run mileage and fast! 🏃

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – The 10% rule
1:36 – Your base mileage
2:36 – Phases of adaptation
3:23 – Training load
3:59 – How do you build run mileage quickly?

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  1. Global Triathlon Network

    What’s your run mileage goal? Let us know in the comment section below! 👇

  2. That was a ver emphatic “Goodbye” from Heather 🙂

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    your number 1 subscriber!

  4. I am surprised there is no mention of strength exercises to go along running to prevent injury? E.g. Exercises to strengthen the feet and calves. Seems like a crucial part.

  5. Jonathan Wofford

    This10 percent rule is only a guideline for very novice runners. Anyone who has been training for some time can easily increase by 25% or more per week, given they have a deload week after 3 weeks of load.

  6. It’s like the more I complain about the condition I have the pain & symptom just get worse. So that’s where the insurance comes in, as well as monetary concerns (which I got close to zero); like I do remember the time when I “felt fit” at least momentarily after I lost weight and begin dumbbell lifting, only that it passed too quick. I bet that’s where the line lies b/w funded athletes verses amateurs like me who just begin running as a hobby that can only be done “after one is done with one’s daily wage job”

  7. Stephan Bouderlique

    I need to balance three sports. @coachescorner Due to limited time (work and life commitments) not being able to increase run milage too much can I just increase the intensity in run training? Like adding more Intervals in a shorter run? I am doing olympic distance this year. I have ability to run a 10- 15 K but feel with swim bike the 10 K run is going to be tough. cheers

  8. Gillie Suarez

    I’m not cramming training right now, just planning for later. Have to go from tapping for 800m to ready for 100km in <2 months later this year.

  9. Aiming to increase to 45-50 miles a week

  10. I may or may not be here because I signed up for a marathon that was only 8 weeks out…. So yes lol

  11. First person giving comments 🎉🎉, love your videos

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