How to raise a “Perfect” Pokémon how to

How to raise a “Perfect” Pokémon #buildempire


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Everything you need to know to raise a perfect Pokemon and then some more

A huge thank you to my friend Zane for scripting, directing, and filming this video:

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Written by Zane:
With help from DJ:
Edited by Whit:
Thumbnail by Zas:

#Pokemon #ScarletViolet #WolfeyVGC

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  1. Zane Bhansali

    making this video involved rotten eggs, a broken car windshield, duct tape, and me tailoring all of my clothes for wolfe’s outfit

    it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever worked on, hope you guys enjoyed <3

  2. The Pokey Potato

    Wolfe: “Fidough? Well I Fidon’t know what you’re talking about.”
    Audience: “Booooooooooo”
    Wolfe: “What’s the deal with Flying Taxi food?”


  3. How many couches do we need in this video lol

  4. Roberto Cordeiro

    Oh yes he’s hot

  5. just do 5 and 6 stars raids for bottle caps and money to buy bottle caps. you already will get alot of very strong pokemon from the raids – hope you get a 4 or 5 IV ditto and if you really wan’t you could start breeding after.

  6. This is great haha

  7. Lol why breed anymore? Just hyper train. Even easier if you catch the Pokemon you want in a 5 star raid. Mints are cheap and plentiful. The hardest thing is hidden abilities

  8. AssaultReaperIV

    This video is amazing! Wonderfully good editing, bit set ups, and factual information to crush opponents. 10/10

  9. Damon VanNostrand

    Wh- why is he pressing the C key when he says ditto?

  10. Even tho most of this wasn’t new information to me, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this video! Great editing, humor, and presentation. Legitimately one of the best Wolfe has put out.

  11. In S/V, you can get more feathers in the auction house.

  12. Amazing vid wolf

  13. Best video on this channel yet.

  14. 900k!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  15. I also need a 5 iv one with bad speed if ya got it wolf.

  16. I’m a minute into this and this is the best video you have done

  17. So this wouldve been a lot better if you just gave me a 6 iv ditto. My 5y not cuttin it

  18. kefkapalazzo1

    Damn no one in the Pokémon community is coming close to you and your team and idk if anyone has

  19. This is probably legit the best most entertaining and one of the funniest videos I have ever watched he explains everything so well too Greta Job Wolfe! Guess that’s the world champ difference

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