How to Replace a Clutch in your Car ~ Failed Release Bearing how to

How to Replace a Clutch in your Car ~ Failed Release Bearing #buildempire


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In this video you will learn how to replace a clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, release bearing, rear main seal, and pilot bearing. The release bearing or throwout bearing in this car failed. It was making a lot of noise until you pressed the clutch pedal in, the noise would go away when pressing the clutch. This could also be a pilot bearing issue too. So “while we are in there” we are replacing it all.

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  1. Smart to save the clutch alignment tool for the next time you do a… (checks notes) 4.6l Mustang clutch lol

  2. Oh, man, that’s a pain. I moved back from Germany to Romania last year, and we had to haul some stuff, furniture, spare wheels for my GTI, etc, and the trailer was pretty heavy behind the B8 Passat. The clutch was working fine. It had a small issue, where sometimes the pedal wouldn’t come back out all the way, but otherwise it was fine. The heavy trailer may have just accelerated what was already there, and sure enough, in the middle of Austria, it failed completely. I had to drive it clutch-less 100 km to a friend of a friend, who happened to have a 2-post lift outdoors, in his yard. We found the part, got to work at 6 PM, and by noon next day we were back on the road. It was a hassle and a half, but I guess where there’s a will…

  3. Are you becoming “domesticated”? I’m domestic but hate to see you changing your foundation. Lol.

  4. Secret that no pro mechanic does ever!!! : When you remove the transmission, there may be some plastic bushes on the shifter knob assembly that are only accessible with the trans removed (eg in BMWs). Get all these plastic bushes from the dealer, there may be 4 or 5 parts, they are mega cheap (they all were 12eur for my Audi) and replace them irrespective of their condition! With this your 150k mile shifter will shift and feel like when the car was new…

  5. J. Hunto's Garage

    Somehow I suspect you are enjoying the simplicity of this car versus the complexity that is Euro cars. Nice work, my man!

  6. Love how you showed what happens when you tightened the pressure plate all the way on one side.

  7. OK smartie pants….now do an all wheel drive subaru clutch

  8. How much are you asking?

  9. You are the man. I love how you do all the right way. Great job!!

  10. I mentioned in a previous video that you needed to rent a track for testing. I now realize that is the difference between TV money on car shows (roadkill garage for instance) and YouTube money. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your channel as much as those high budget TV shows.

  11. 12:13 Thanks for giving me a new idea for a revenue stream: selling my old bent VW valves as Mustang flywheel holding tools! 😁

  12. Dan_the_car_man

    Also ford tech here for the top starter bolt I use my snap on 3/8 electric ratchet with a wobble 10mm socket with a 6in extension. Works perfect

  13. Andres Martinez

    Fun times love the video. Just wondering did the throw our bearing have preload. Mine had the after market quadrant and adjuster and it was hard to find any information of how to set it.

  14. Lupul Flămând

    Great video! I drove my golf 4 TDI with a toasted clutch for a year. I had it replaced last month and it made a huge difference. It shifts like a new car once again.

  15. Dan_the_car_man

    I always put transmission assembly grease on the seals retaining spring so it doesn’t pop out when installing once true engine heats up the grease will
    Melt away

  16. Is there a place to grab a humblemechanic tshirt??

  17. This is a lot more fun while laying on your back. Mine was missing a starter bolt too. And it was also missing half the bell housing bolts. The bolts it did have were so over-torqued it was ridiculous. Had to use every extension in my toolbox, a flex joint, and borrow my neighbor’s air impact to get the top ones loose. Also needed all the extensions to get that starter bolt from the front. While my rear wheels were off the ground I put it in gear and it appears the input shaft has a slight wobble to it. I think the whole transmission is shot. It is pretty noisy and reverse has been going out for a few years now. It was making a chchchchch noise which prompted me to replace the pilot and throw out bearings. While it did improve the sound slightly, it still sounds bad. Next I’ll be looking at rebuilding it if I don’t just drive it until it grenades. It still shifts perfect in the forward gears and that new McLeod clutch is very nice. I suspect the shaft wobble will kill the throw out bearing again pretty soon and I’ll address it later. That could be 50k miles down the road.

  18. Hanif EFI Mechanical

    Good job

  19. Great tutorial thank you HumbleMechanic
    from Nick Ayivor from London England UK 🇬🇧 ⏰️ 17:46

  20. For some reason I can only focus on his magnificent beard

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