How To Ruin A Road Trip! how to

How To Ruin A Road Trip! #buildempire


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Use these methods if you’re going on a road trip with friends and would like to ruin things for your own entertainment… sorry.

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  1. So much for being responsible with the new van 😂🤷‍♂️

  2. BattleGroundElite

    “And my fucking cofffeeeee!!!” man that one made me laugh 😀

  3. BridgewatersFinest

    Matt Brown is slowly reverting to MATTHEW GREGORY BROWN… just look at that behavior… boys you need to save him before it’s too late and he’s BOUNDING BACKWARDS to the podcast every week.

  4. ThatOneGuy1991

    Marty is a Psychopath! I saw him open that jar and thought it was debris of some sort, only to realize it was a dead magpie! Where did he even get that? Crazy bastard.

  5. Why the you wanna go to Stanthorpe
    You picking Apple 🍎

  6. Onslaught Jones

    Shave Michael’s damn head already.

  7. I can make fire animations for you guys❤

  8. I was like where did he get insects from, them I realised it’s Australia 😅

  9. Black mass Asmodeus tiger shark


  10. Who would drive with these 2 in the back 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  11. 2:25 I bet it is a real small bird being squeezed there

  12. The Last Scion

    Watched the website videos, you guys are bonkers but we love yeh! Keep it coming!

  13. BullBoy Adventures

    Anyone else wondering where in the hell did Michael get that container of roaches

  14. Monstas_Ink1AndOnly

    Love these prank videos please never stop 🥰

  15. I have real love for you guys. Always make me laugh and you seem like good fucking eggs!

  16. That was really real 🤌👀

  17. petrolhead1987

    How to turn a trip to the shop into a 2 day road trip.

  18. Haha like the camping wasn’t enough… 0.12 what is in the jar?

  19. The best

  20. Inibrasium the first

    If would be way funnier if you used nitrous

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