How to ruin an interview how to

How to ruin an interview #buildempire


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  1. These videos make me feel so uncomfortable

  2. Oh right. Those questions where the interviewer uses the opportunity to spring an entire thesis that they’ve been working on in their mind on the guest

  3. I can’t believe Chris Hemsworth ruined this interview. The amount of disrespect

  4. Me writing my undergrad film thesis on spiderman

  5. Wow Chris is doing all kinds of interview for this new Thor movie, the movie seems promising and it’s directed by taika too it could never disappoint

  6. Why is every youtuber talking about kids movies? Most people don’t even have kids anymore. What’s going on?

  7. Jake The Dingus

    wow they give interviews with anyone these days goodbye hollywood glamor hello youtube word nerds

  8. scentedlikerosé

    ughhh I hate people who speak like this. im always like “bro am i dumb or did this dude just say a whole lotta words just to say nothing” 😭😭😭

  9. this one is a masterpiece

  10. I swear I’ve seen this interview

  11. The bill was not over here until we had to go back in the front of the park to see what the other day looks like.

  12. How does this guy keep getting interviews?!

  13. Nehemiah Somers

    I love that this is just nonsense but feels so real, really nailed the cadence

  14. Another great blog❤

  15. Olivia Westmorland

    Here before the title was changed

  16. Amazing interview as always

  17. Anastasia Ekimova

    I saw name change

  18. Yo congrats on carrying 200k things called subscribers!

  19. Dude Thor is so lucky to be interviewed by Man Carrying Thing. I feel so jealous…

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