How to SAVE Blue (Rainbow Friends Roblox Animation) how to

How to SAVE Blue (Rainbow Friends Roblox Animation) #buildempire


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a Funny Animation of Rainbow Friends !
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🔻Bunzo Bunny | port by Valcopp

🔻Mommy Long Legs Model | by MLSpence

🔻Aunty long legs design by @sandranetta_13 (Instagram)

🔻Chibi Poppy playtime Models by MR.Rab Gamer from DOM Studio

▶Deltarune Soundtrack

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  1. 💙sky blue Dream💙

    I love your videos so much
    I love the youtube thumbnail
    It really funny
    (In mine pin me)
    Pretend don’t see it

  2. When blue gets hungry he’s like: hold on I’m gonna eat something *literally eat ramen on a mountain*

  3. 🌟Moondrop_Offical🌟

    Oh my gosh that thumbnail

  4. Ruji the rock boi GAMING

    that’s what they get for invading my rock monster home!

  5. miguel gorosito

    It’s good. The cgaracters are cool. And how to save blue is on the minute 1:48

  6. Tanzanite Royal

    The animation is soo smooth awesome video

  7. Blue’s cave explore:
    Blue: Hey guys, wanna go explore this cave with me!
    Green: I can’t see anything
    Orange: No
    Pink: No
    Blue: Fine, i’ll go myself
    Arrive: 0:12
    Blue: It might be dark, but i’m still happy with this

    Stuck: 0:26
    Blue: I have to get out…
    Lights off: 0:35
    Blue: Help! Help! Help! Help!

    It’s getting late: 0:58
    Orange: He’s not coming back
    (So the three are arrive at the cave) 1:05
    Orange: Hey blue! What should we do?
    Green: Use these
    Orange: The rope tight up, now pull
    Green & Pink: PULL HARDER!
    Blue: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! *screaming in pain*
    Orange: *bite the rope* I have other plan

    Blue: This is it, i’m just gonna die here, no one can save me, not even my friend… wait a minute? 1:36
    Green: *Pull out blue*
    Pink: Next time be more careful stupid

    Can you go back make: Daddy, Aunty, Baby long legs adventure with Popi playtime and friends Episode, i really miss the Poppy playtime Animation you make
    Purple has message for you: WHY DOM, JUST WHY?! 5:30
    Tomorrow it’s monday: 16:24

  8. 0:38 Lamp: *breaks*
    Blue: Haha! Im in danger!

  9. Juan Rodriguez

    Nice cool video ❤

  10. FlameFiery0600

    Such a great animation job well done keep it up DOM 👍 😊

  11. It what Good animtion friends

  12. Amazing Animation❤❤🔥🔥
    I love them so much.♥️🌷

  13. Foxy dragonGamer

    Awesome video as always dom

  14. Why am i heard sounds low today my ears is feeling like burned

  15. Doll the horror game

    The thumbnail 😂😂The blue one is shocked😂😂
    I didn’t think it would happen if he got stuck somewhere in a poor dark cave at 0:36😢😢
    he’s so cute 🥰
    the movie looks so amazing❤️❤️

  16. Funtime Bonnie {gacha club}

    Good idk I wasn’t watching this channel 2 days idk xd

  17. RIP poppy playtime [*]


    ok I fell in love with these beautiful animations absolutely no one can match it they are incredible they always make my day😍😍👌👌💕✨✨

  19. 🌟Fnaf fanı nehir#softvanessa fan#nezukoteam🌟

    Good animation 😀

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