How to Secretly Go Deep on a Massive Zerg in Rust how to

How to Secretly Go Deep on a Massive Zerg in Rust #buildempire


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We went deep on a Zerg’s base in Rust, like, deeper than anyone has ever gone before. We got rockets, gunpoweder, explosives, sulfur… it was kind of insane.

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  1. 2QIK4U GAMES - (2QIK4U)

    Install MACARENA ? Hate that Song

  2. I which there was a supper like option on youtube for this kind of video

  3. There was like 6 bags but they were still loaded

  4. We need more RUSSOPHOBIA 👍

  5. Great chemistry between you two! Awesome vid and looking forward to the next one and hopefully more with Throat.

  6. Weiss17 427er

    18:40 that moment your pents get really wet

  7. nice but seems too god to be true sorry winter but im calling this one scripted

  8. There was a box of charcoal upstairs. See so many people forgetting to stack raw charcoal as gunpowder if the server lets you use the workbench. Of course always in hindsight, but a good tip for when you come across these kind of opportunities once in a lifetime.

  9. i appreciate the heads up on the duration of the ad lmao. i skipped 30 seconds incase you were lying lol love the video and i watch throat already. so i just reup’d on my medicine and i got food. let the entertainment commence

  10. The man the myth the legend sirrrr winterrrrrr

  11. Nobody_Cares_M8

    Absolutely belter plays winter 👌

  12. Watching you loot had me cringing

  13. Post Apocalyptic Warlord

    You guys are better to watch than woke Netflix 💯👍🤣

  14. throat sounds like a fun guy

  15. Just watched one of your other videos at like 4am now I get another one

  16. 1:08 This new game called Macarena. Or was it Macarener? I can’t tell with Winta.

  17. Mihajlo Andrić

    On what servers does he play?

  18. It’s actually annoys me that I have more skill then both of you and don’t have a YouTube channel, like how does this dude have 2K hrs making content he’s brand new😂😂

  19. winter where do you find people to make rust content with i barely played it but really wanna make content but no one i know plays it lol

  20. What a thrilling roller coaster of a video. Can’t wait to see what a couple of mud crabs get up to in the next one.

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