How to sell a franchise (Q&A with @Karlton Dennis )#shorts how to

How to sell a franchise (Q&A with @Karlton Dennis )#shorts #buildempire


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Karla Dennis specializes in working with real estate investors from all over the country. An investor herself, Karla has firsthand knowledge on how to keep money in your pocket when you’re a real estate investor. Everything she teaches is lawful and done by many other real estate investors. Karla wants small real estate investors and small business owners to realize that they too can use these strategies to save money and not leave Uncle Sam a tip!

When Karla finished her undergraduate education, she did not take a traditional route. Instead of working at a CPA firm, she went to work at a Tax Law Firm. It was in this location that she was able to see the main difference between doing taxes and finding tax strategies. Karla got firsthand experience in how these businesses were using the law to legally reduce their taxes. After this experience, Karla went back to school and got her Master’s degree in Taxation, thus starting her career as an Enrolled Agent (EA). Today, Karla has worked her business from the ground up, and now has an tax firm with over 40 employees. Karla Dennis and Associates has clients from all 50 states and focuses on helping their clients save money legally and ethically. Through her tax strategies, her company has been able to help clients save thousands of dollars. She is the author of two books, Tax Storm and Against the Odds. Due to her successful business, Karla has been featured on various media outlets such as Forbes, MSNBC, KTLA, Yahoo! Finance, and SmartMoney, marking her as the ultimate tax expert.

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