How To Set Up A Bike With Two Different Wheelsets | Maintenance Monday how to

How To Set Up A Bike With Two Different Wheelsets | Maintenance Monday #buildempire


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With the advent of gravel and adventure bikes, it has become more common for cyclists to want to have one bike, but two separate wheelsets, creating a more versatile bike, without buying two whole bikes. Alex shows you how you can easily set up two different wheelsets on one bike.

0:00 – Intro
0:13 – What You Will Need
1:05 – Installing The Tyres
1:29 – Installing The Cassette
2:03 – Installing The Disc Brake Rotors
3:04 – Aligning Your Brakes

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Would you rather have two specific bikes for road and gravel, or one bike with two wheelsets? Let us know in the comments!👇

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  1. Would you rather have two specific bikes for road and gravel, or one bike with two wheelsets? Let us know in the comments!👇

  2. I run double wheelsets on both my CX and XC bikes. For the cyclocross on race season I’ve got mud and general cx-tires. Outside that gravel tires on one and the other road or studded tires depending on season. The XC is more straght forward. XC/studded on one wheelset and other trail-tires

  3. Single easiest thing I’ve done is to use wheels with the same hubs. I built two sets of wheels up, but used the same hubs, so when I swap them, I don’t have to deal with the darn rotors rubbing/not being centered. After that, it’s cake.

  4. How To Set Up Two Different Bikes With One Set of Wheels | Maintenance Monday Magic

  5. Yes, but does Alex know about AlexRims? It’s a company in Taichung, Taiwan.😅🤣😂

  6. David Mansfield

    OMG! This is the 2nd time you’ve gave crap advice on disc rotors for different wheelsets. Yes, same hubs would help. True. But, they also make spacers for 6 bolt and center lock rotors. Using the spacers and a little trial and error, you can get the rotors set so you can just swap out wheels without problems. I’ve done it on two bikes. My brother has done it.

  7. Just asked this a few weeks ago in the AskGCN comment section, and there is a full video about it. You are the best. Thanks.

  8. Alex thanks good video. As a Phantom Phixer I learned a long time ago to always use the proper torque values, because the last thing you want is something coming undone while the plane is going mach2.

  9. 1:06 Never bought a set of bontrager wheels then. You do get rimtape, although more like a band, but not installed.

  10. The video ends just as I wanted it begins : when these minor issues in alignment appear. There is some fine tuning to do and some very thin washers we can use. I thought we would talk about this as I saw the title.

  11. Bikey McBeardface

    I’ve had an issue with those External “BB Tool” type center lock rings being so close to the fork leg on gravel bikes they cause an issue when the bike is loaded, might be something to look out for.

  12. One of my bikes has two wheel sets. It wasn’t mentioned in this video, but I’ve learnt that it is good practice to check and adjust (if required) the rear derailleur and cassette alignment when switching between sets. The slightly different profiles between wheels can affect shifting performance if not adjusted for. Even if you’re using the same cassette!

  13. Martin Salewski

    #askgcntech Hello GCN Tech-Team, is it possible to switch between wheelsets with a 11-30 & 11-32 casette without adjusting the RD or chain?
    Right now I have a 11-30 on my bike and 11-28 on the turbo – here changing works without any troubles…

  14. Christian Schneider

    For 6 bolt rotors, there are shims 1/10th of a mm thick to equal out the differences in rotor position between different wheelsets. Does something like that exist for center lock?

  15. Can’t you just use six-bolt discs paired with shims? Faff somewhat the first time, the future swaps would be easy?

  16. William Bellemans

    Don’t you have to be afraid that your chain will wear faster if you change the wheelset (and thus the casette)? Because casette and chain wear together and a new casette will not have the same wear as the chain

  17. András Balázs

    I’d be interested in: two wheelset on a budget.
    One for the road,
    One for more gravel/tour oriented.
    Key word: on a budget.
    Bike from shop under 1000k, wheelsets according to this price range

  18. Stephen Phillips

    I switch my cross wheels (knobbly) for fast commuting wheels (tubeless slicks) on my cross bike. Easier than changing tyres. The rim brakes do need adjusting each time though. I’d prefer to switch bikes but don’t have room for another (already have 3)!
    My adult son was rather attached to his old 26”MTB and had no room in the shed for another. We bought some 650b cross wheels and fitted 35mm slicks for commuting. Same diameter as 26” with 2.4” knobbly, this kept trail identical, steering less affected. We did have some issues with disc brake rub though. We had to shim the dropouts beneath one axle, not ideal.

  19. how chose tire sdeed grip roling resistance cheap expensive

  20. what’s the point of having two identical wheelset?
    if the hubs are different on the two wheelsets, then you are screwed? you will have to re-adjust disc brake clipper?

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