How To Shoot A Basketball how to

How To Shoot A Basketball #buildempire


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Shooting tips and motivation for you to become a knockdown shooter!

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  1. finally coach .thank you for uploading 🙏

  2. Lovin the avatar background beat 🙂

  3. Damulog Basketball Association

    i love you coach frikki

  4. Just a guy on self-improvement

    I needed this bad thanks

  5. Munkhbat Tsolmon

    Thank you so much for your videos ❤

  6. Was waiting for this.thnx dude❤️

  7. Guts_theslayer

    how to increase my shot power? Is it hand power or you need to shoot more?

  8. Gabrielle Bernados

    What is PnR means?

  9. AnObliviousCelticsfan

    The views are gonna be insane.

  10. I shoot like Kyrie Irving is that a bad thing

  11. my brain crash

    How to block

  12. cool vid

  13. Knockdown Shooter Tips
    – always balanced base
    – laser focus eyes on rim
    – follow through
    – lots of backspin
    – focus on every shot
    – track shooting percentages and improve every week
    – turn your misses into makes
    Shooter’s Mindset:
    – always shot ready
    – confidence is the secret sauce, believe you will make every shot


  14. I’ve watched hours of shooting videos on YouTube and they do the same basic trash blah blah blah. This is straight heat. The perfect video for any shooter of any level. Love the work brother.

  15. Hand finishing

  16. Thanks coach I improved before 11/30 now 24/30

  17. Thomas Kelsey

    Every video you put up us top notch

  18. Roshawn Seeny

    I feel like following through on your shot is a personal preference, there are many times that players in this video follow through and don’t follow through. Examples 8:10 & 8:44. Sometimes players follow through on their shot based on if they simply feel like it or not, the key is fluidity.

  19. Celestine Amugi

    Please make a video on how to back someone down in the post and also how to defend in the post..btw great video❤🙌

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