How to SOLO 7 Star Surf Pikachu Raid in Pokemon Scarlet Violet how to

How to SOLO 7 Star Surf Pikachu Raid in Pokemon Scarlet Violet #buildempire


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  1. Maybe Trailblaze instead of Gunk Shot. It’s supereffective and 100% accurate

  2. Thanks was able to get pikachu

  3. Bro I wanted decidueye so badly!

  4. An admittedly brainless strat for this raid is just
    Arboliva with choice specs, and ev trained in HP and SP Atk, and Giga Drain
    It’s pretty consistent as long as you don’t get repeatedly crit or parad many times

  5. I catch everything in Luxury balls ^^’ my ride mon took over 100

  6. I dont like the 7 star Pikachu raid but I understand the reason. Its because its the mascot Pokemon and its almost Pokemon day.

  7. merelyanillusion

    You’re waking up…
    No I’m about to go to bed.

    Meowscarada with knock off and their signature move works too. Give it shell bell, max attack and HP. Start with knock off then use the signature move until you can tera, after you tera spam its move. You might get paralyzed by thunder but it takes around 13 moves to win.

  8. Arry The Starry

    I actually did use gastrodon for the raid lol this seems easier though

  9. SONICSPEED 1257

    Can somebody tell me where to get the TM for curse

  10. For me, it is very hard to understand in this video, what we should do. Telling us in min 9 that we also have to max the PP is a bit weird.

  11. Got Pikachu using my Slither Wing with it’s Grass Tera while using Bulk Up and Giga Drain. So happy 😊

  12. John O'Connell

    Terastilize, not Terrestrialise. LOL.

  13. Hey it’s way easy you have to knock off 3 to 4 times then with Meowscarada then terastallize to grass then nasty plot 3 times then use the rest of the match with frenzy plant to finish but also use a shell bell as item to get life when you use frenzy plant so he want kill you while you charging

  14. in my opinion its better to max out attack and hp i easilz defeated the pikachu 6 times so its a bit quicker since you do more damage that way

  15. Amalgam The Great

    Meowscarada attack/hp, protean, shell bell, knock off, hone claws, grassy terrain, flower trick. Beat it first try. Use knock off first turn fight till you faint then flower trick when back out, now you aren’t weak to play rough. Attack till you can tera. Tera and grassy terrain, hone claws, flower trick rotation repeat till he faints. You may need a heal cheer. You can also use an attack cheer if you like

  16. Meowscarada is better tbh faster too

  17. Another clodsire Set would be with Grass tera type. Watched a Video earlier today and it looked better imo but either can work

    Edit: Shayquaza is the channel name

  18. Lurantis
    Tera – Grass
    Ability (Hidden) – Contrary
    Item – Covert Cloak / Zoom Lens
    IVs – prioritize HP Def SpA SpDef
    EVs – 252 HP 252 SpA 4 SpDef
    Nature – Modest
    1) Leaf Storm
    2) Sunny Day
    3) Giga Drain
    4) Synthesis
    That’s what I’ve done the raids with and soloed it

  19. Reijin Shinryen

    I suggest Clodsire with Grass Tera type, because you can use Grass Tera Blast to make things faster. The damage is strong and taking the type matchup is not bad. However, you’ll still get hit by Electric moves but it won’t do too much. Just watching over your HP if you don’t have a Shell Bell on, and keep on using Grass Tera Blasts when fully boosted up from Curse.

  20. Not sure why they decided to do this as 7 star tera raid. The free pikachu with fly can learn surf

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