How To Spot A Machiavellian Narcissist how to

How To Spot A Machiavellian Narcissist #buildempire


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Machiavellian narcissists are defined by cunning and underhanded tactics as they deftly manipulate and misuse others. Dr. Les Carter highlights how you can become aware of their inclinations so you will be least susceptible to their exploits. Known for ruthlessness, they are among the most difficult personalities to contend with.

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Dr. Les Carter is a best selling author and therapist who has semi-retired to Waco, TX. In the past 40+ years he has conducted more than 65,000 counseling sessions and many workshops and seminars. He specializes in anger management and narcissistic personality disorder.

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  1. Jonathan Clayton

    The end justifies the means is how it works in these people Dr Carter.

  2. I sure hope you know how much healing you have brought to my life in the few months since I have found your channel. This is incredible that you just described my 90 year ago mother who is a covert narcissist EXACTLY! She has never ever admitted doing anything wrong in her life! Is all I ever wanted was to be loved by her as a child and and an adult! I feel like I can still here her saying “pack your bags, you’re going on another guilt trip!!” For 61 years of my life I put up with this. I’m so grateful I was able to get the courage up to go “no contact” with her a year and a half a ago!! Oh God, I don’t wish this kind of abuse on anyone, EVER! It’s absolutely soul crushing to have a mother like mine! God bless you Dr. Carter for saving my soul!!🥺🙏💜☮🌈

  3. Jonathan Clayton

    I don’t have a lot of money but would benefit from the help you could provide in your course.

  4. Hillary Clinton, for example.

  5. Gaaaaahhh … Leeeeee ): The explanations that depict a clear picture of what you have been unable to properly identify… Happy to gain the knowledge, yet, irritated by the understanding! These people live at rock bottom.

  6. So glad you taught this type as I had not heard of it and my husband is not this type (very vuln Narc) but I was triggered immediately by a former coworker who fits this definition to a tee 110% WoW 😮. I thought of this psycho as a overt Narc, but he fits this type much more! When he wears off his welcome by everyone who become disgusted in him, he changes jobs and laterals to another open position of same in our org. It was a nightmare getting betrayed by this guy whose angle was to be my brother and me his sister! 😕 🤦‍♀️

  7. Jade O'Shaunessy

    Should narcissits really be seen by a child psychologist

  8. Hmmm, this sounds suspiciously like many of the politicians and so called world leaders of our time. 🙁

  9. No one’s perfect by any means. Everyone has flaws in both their physical appearance and their emotional literacy… but… to have these many flaws in their emotional/ mental make-up?? I’ve ALWAYS wondered how people like this look at themselves in the mirror every day and how they sleep so seemingly peacefully?!?! I feel really bad for them, actually. No joke.

  10. thank goodness – the good of God !!!


  11. Surely there must be something to differentiate all these types of narcissists to know the difference ? 🤔

    This is sooo mentally – exhausting 😳

  12. 🤕

    Just listening to this puts me on the merry go round of the confusion and chaos Satan brings thru those who are Godless- not godless- them SELVES


  13. Mariel Davison

    Me : Do you have any kids from your marriage to your ex-wife?

    Machiavellian Narc : “No kids ~ if I had any kids I would have stuck it out in my marriage”

    Me : Finding out later the Mach Narc has an 8 year old son from his marriage that he no longer sees or pays child support for since he is actually from another country where his child still resides.

    Me :
    🤔🤔🤔Why would someone say they don’t have a child when in fact they do?


    Me : 💯❤Dr C
    💯❤Thanks for guiding us all through murky waters.

  14. Just downright SCARY to encounter this type of narcissist! I think I had one of these past coworkers and I always had angst around him but he was a master overt manipulator and gaslighter! I am not sure I could have outwitted him back then. He undermined me terribly and absolutely crushed me in the end once I put distance avoiding him! He turned others against me with lies! His angle was to be brother & sister. He couldn’t hide the betrayal and he certainly tried to hide his incompetence by swinging the blame onto me with schemes that were ridiculous! Zero loyalty for sure! I just showed HATE toward him and stuck to my integrity and got my office moved to get away from him. It’s good to reflect and learn who past people were! It’s crazy I encountered these monsters in workplace. 😮😫😣 🤦‍♀️

  15. When I first started hearing this word narcissism we always called them a holes I started seeing it in my neighbor and there are two movies that he reminds me of very much Michael Keaton in Pacific heights and there’s a movie with Nicolas Cage 8 mm. The Machiavellian narcissist is very shrewd very cagey they’re great grifters it’s almost like a gambling addiction. At the end of the movie 8 mm Nicolas Cage finally tracks down the killer and he’s trying to understand how this guy could be one person with some people and then be this absolute creature with others and do the things he did.. and there’s a line in that movie that I love because the antagonist realizes the investigator can’t understand he doesn’t understand the situation. The bad guy says you want to know why I do this? But he says it like a revelation like he’s just figured out that this investigator has no clue and the bad guy is shocked and now he’s figuring out and he confronts the investigator by saying you want to know why I do this. He goes on to tell him how no he wasn’t abused nobody sexually abused him nobody did anything to him… He says I do it because I like it. And I’m beginning to think that’s 99% of narcissists behavior. They’re not stupid they know what they’re doing they are capable of assembling an attack on anyone and making their life a living hell and they do it because they like it.

  16. I guess psychologists with podcasts don’t need healthy boundaries. You , Dr. Ramdni, Andrew of Costa Rica , Lisa Romano and Tammy the life coach. Where do you get your muse ?

  17. This is the type of roommate I have. I have known her for fifty years, but never lived with her until 5 and half years ago. She would come over to my house I had all those years from time to time
    wanting to know everything that I had been doing.
    I see now how she is with so called friends of hers, they all have told her don’t come around with her stuff and she whines to me I just don’t understand
    how friends don’t wanna be your friend anymore. then she starts finding new supply and the cycle begins again. I don’t go anywhere with her anymore I can’t deal with the shows and then
    with the looks some of her new supply’s give me after she has used her slanderous smear campaigns against me.
    I don’t even come out of my room when she brings over any of the new supply I just stay in my room with the door shut. Once they know that
    you aren’t fooled by their false self, life feels like they are determined to destroy your soul. When you are 70 and on a low income, no family left except one in a far away country,
    it feels like you are Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace or Daniel in the lions den. But I know that God will bring all of us who identify as being stuck with this type through , and are going to come thru as refined pure gold. God help us and thank you for dr. c. These videos help so much for me to see the chinks in the chain I have to diligintly watch out for and kept maintained.
    That chain that goes from me to the anchor of my soul. Again Dr. c I thank God for you often, and for all of you on this team. Keep hope alive, the anchor indeed does hold. Sorry for going on and
    on sometimes, I just have to vent sometimes with those who know exactly how I feel. I am so grateful for you all.

  18. I have observed that part of the “nice” and ” moral” act, is to display morally, indignant outrage for public display, when they see others in an immoral act. I wonder then, is it projection, or is it part of their theatre play? Probably the later….. that is how scheming they are. It becomes very dangerous when their cover is blown. RUN!

  19. Robin Presley Woodward

    But…seriously…how does this differ from a non-Mach narcissist?

  20. Gus is adorable 😍 thank you for having him in these videos…watching him so calm 😊

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