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  1. its not motivation you need, because if your rely on it all the time you will never succeed.

  2. I don’t really see motivation as a tool to use because motivation is just like a little spark and might make you go to the gym like once a week but it doesn’t push you to go to the gym everyday or if you get a burst of motivation and see that it’s raining outside then your just going to stay home and not go. I’m just saying you can’t rely on motivation and have to have self discipline and that makes you consistent.

  3. loved the pep talk….it was so real and accurate….sure got me motivated!!

  4. Starting to look like daddy chum with that stache

  5. Yo max, I don’t know much about the gym but I do know there is a possibility of getting hernia if you workout while standing without support, Im not bashing I just wanted to let you know (you also make 🔥content on both channels keep it up)

  6. Average Size Eggplant

    GAH DAYUM, Drew’s edits are going stupid crazy bro!!! Video was an absolute banger 🤝

  7. If you wouldn’t take advice from someone, don’t take criticism from them.

  8. thank you drew for the crazy cool edit

  9. Max, I’m in love with you, bro.

  10. I am truly inspired, thank you

  11. is it the fanny pack that’s dropping or the cross body?

  12. the intro 🔥

  13. Thank you Drew the video was fire 🔥🔥🔥, Max you always killing it 😤🤜🏼🤛🏼

  14. Joseph Molnar

    Max makes Sunday nights easier

  15. Much love!!!! Great vid and intro getting better and better every vid a amazing come up from the first videos❤️💪🏽😈

  16. “dreams dont work unless you do” damn.

  17. Not going below 90 isn’t for pussies. If you have instable, injured, or any sort of shoulder complication/s, it’s extremely important to not train a ROM that would and will impact that injury.

  18. Max is all time inspiration 🫶🏻💪

  19. car talks always hit different. That’s crazy to hear that you went at it for 5 years. Puts things into perspective.

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