How to Stop a Nosebleed how to

How to Stop a Nosebleed #buildempire


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  1. The waffle house has found a new host

  2. Im the few that at one point learned to tilt forward…. I bleed for over an hour one time…. er visit said something like my nose gets dry it has a sensitivity so i gotta be careful and try and keep it moist… they tried a procedure to fix it but it didn’t work.

  3. I have many nose bleeds do to my medication, I just run to the toilet and wait it out until I stop sneezing because of the sensation and then I put cotton.
    Haven’t thrown up blood in quite a while with this method 😀

  4. AndyandBarney361

    Been there, I’m on blood thinners, had to have my nose cauterized

  5. Maybe explain the science of it instead of just screaming

  6. Astrid Earnhardt

    Poor kid’s gonna get whiplash.

  7. Clueless Bread

    Just drink the blood 4head

  8. This is the only time in my entire life I’ve ever been told anything but tilt back. Had to get a nerve cauterized in my nose because I’ve had hour long nose bleeds when I was little
    Never got nauseous, but sitting with blood pouring from your face even if you’re laying down is the worst

  9. Erica Clacher

    I always thought parents fed these lies because they didn’t want blood stains in their house.

  10. Some parents need to fkin listen to the hospital stuff. The old days when they took wisdom from the trees are long gone.. 🙄

  11. When I was a kid and had a nosebleed I used to tilt my head back so the blood stayed in my body, this is beautiful I didn’t want to make a mess but also cause I thought the blood would go back into my veins after it was digested, it never made me sick tho.

  12. Tattooed Beauty

    Nah I was always told you sit down and put your head between your knees. Never tilt it back as can cause you to drown in your own blood or choke on it. I was told this from being way young as my brother had nose bleeds so bad he just needed to sniff too hard and boom blood everywhere. My son went through a stage of the same aswell but his stopped thank god but my brother had to get it cauterised

  13. Matthew Torres

    Me with chronic nosebleeds: …

    Doctors: head forward, please. 🙂

    My white shirt: You better tilt that shit back

  14. My mom new it was forward. Though, I never had a nosebleed near her. I had 3 nosebleeds at school on the playground, and if any other child had one, teachers would hold our noses with our heads back.

  15. flyingpotato Gamer03

    Lmfao I was always told to keep my head forward and hold nose but I then started bleeding from my eyes I geuss the blood just wanted to leave my body somehow lol and from there I just have to keep my head forwards and let it drip then will stop at some point also even head forward I would still feel sick but been to ENT had my nose corterised it did nothing for me and I still suffer from them daily pretty much somtimes my longet was 6hrs straight I passed out and it was the first time it came out my eyes like I was crying, they done scans ect and saw in my eyes/nose ared is a tiny little hole like a needle hole after u have blood take and there’s nothing they can do about it sooo yh I have nose bleeds it comes out my eyes too lol

  16. caliconservative

    Do vampires get nauseous from drinking blood??🧛‍♂️

  17. Have had chronic nose bleeds since early 20s took 3/4 trips to the ER before any nurse or dr told me this…thanks to my chiropractor, I now have hardly any thank goodness (who knew a messed up spine could cause nose bleeds lol)

  18. I’ve tried to tell my parents you aren’t supposed to KEEP your head back but they wont listen 🧍
    My brother has nosebleeds ALL THE TIME, and CHOKES on the regular but they STILL DONT GET IT

  19. I got yelled at by a teacher in school about this. She told us to tilt our heads back, but I asked her why our health book said the opposite. It had a big ass picture of a girl sitting on the ground bent forward and holding her nose. She said I was being smart with her. She also didn’t believe that I was allergic to oranges. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. I usually tilt my head back to not get my room dirt until I get toilet paper to hold my nose with so the blood soaks the paper instead of dripping everywhere

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