How to STOP an Avalanche on your METAL ROOF: Snow Bars! how to

How to STOP an Avalanche on your METAL ROOF: Snow Bars! #buildempire


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A lot of people ask us about snow bars and what we do. This video is how we stop an avalanche on your metal roof. We use a snow retention system made by dynamic fasteners called dyna guard. It is very user friendly and performs great. Snow slides or avalanches on your metal roof can be dangerous and harmful to whatever is under it.

Let me know what system you guys have either used or like that maybe we should take a look into.

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  1. Should snow bars be put above all vents and such?

  2. For the record, those clamps SUCK!! fail the first time, every time. #askmehowiknow.

  3. Tyler Caldwell

    Stupid question for anyone who can help. Can anyone explain why space wall girts at 32” opposed to the standard 24”?

  4. Cool video. I just had a barn built in Wyoming last year and have a side load 8×8 garage door under an eve and I’ve built up about 5+ foot drifts next to it – something like this would be useful but my roof is the ribbed steel with fasteners so would probably need a different system than what you used.

  5. i’m a mechanic and those ratchets are worth their weight in gold (though I use milwaukee’s)

  6. Those mounts are great. Install snow bars, solar panels, tv/net dish, etc…

  7. Steven Gardoski

    Just don’t install any snow….problem fixed

  8. Persistent Wind

    Help me out here guys / gals: wouldn’t you not want these in areas where snow loading could be an issue like in norcal right now? I mean I see the deliberate use here and think it’s a non-issue in this case, but it makes me wonder.

  9. We used S-5 system when we bought our steel roof through Fabral. Same exact system

  10. Kenny Crayton

    Have you done a video on that roof system?

  11. Kyle…convert foot pounds to inch pounds (= 156 inch pounds). Purchase an inch pound torque wrench, which are relatively inexpensive, and 1/2 the size of a 3/8” drive foot pound torque wrench and you’re good to go. The point made from another subscriber supporting the possibility of voiding the mfg. warranty is then eliminated. Simple solution and the correct application redacting any liability on your behalf.

  12. Giovanni Fiorentino

    Great intro. A most for all videos. About the installation, usually I place the first and last bracket and then align the middle ones with a string or a laser.

  13. I tried throwing bars over individual doors and air conditioners in the past and it worked, but the part of the bar that is left unsecured floating on the ends always ended up bent up by heavy snow sliding next to it. In the end I just put bars down the entire line and haven’t had any problems.

    Definitely agree that throwing something above the vent pipes can make sense as well. I’ve had a chimney pipe get ripped out mid roof one year. Anything at the bottom would have been long gone. Depends on how often and how much snow the roof gets before shedding as well. Usually here it would build up all winter and only really shed towards spring, so holding it a few extra weeks didn’t really change much other than avoiding damages.

  14. Wish I had seen this before installing 3 rows of snow tabs (the snow tabs do work great though!!)

  15. I liked the mounting on those snowstoppers. We have some very slippery stone on our roof, and I had to change a few stones each year due to the force/ weight on the snow stoppers, until we had a company install a few extra snow stoppers “mid-roof” and above vents. Just having the forces a bit more distributed with more mounts and more stoppers on the roof made all the difference. I have not changed stones the last 4-5 years.

  16. If u install first snow stopper first then it works like man stopper when u install the second line snow stopper and u slip.

  17. Snow avalanches off those metal roofs can dent up cars. They can also injure people and kill small animals like cats and dogs. They should be required by code in snowy areas.

  18. Rooferyoutube

    My snow retention coating actually lets the water drain without crating a icedam

  19. hopbap uranvvaar

    you should just hire few mexicans to finish ur projects and you can just manage em and run ur busineses. just focus on the video tutorial, and constructions shots. I dunno, I figure that’ll be easier on ur load.

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