How to Stop Going Over-Budget on Groceries how to

How to Stop Going Over-Budget on Groceries #buildempire


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  1. Why everydollar app isn’t available in Romania?

  2. Lenetta Smith-Murray

    There’s just me and cooking for one is no fun soooo I eat bagels or toast, maybe occasionally cereal. I have food & freezer food, just hate cooking for one. No I don’t eat out, maybe once a month pick something up. Food just boring alone.

  3. Someone needs to feed back to Rachel, it’s “from point A to point B” not to point A to point B when speaking about cars..

  4. We do budget € 200 per weekly groceries. Last Christmas and New Year were a bit more because prices were up. But now back to normal budget again € 200 weekly 🤗

  5. Amanda Rogers

    I’ve never done curbside because you just can’t see the fresh produce with your own eyes.

    The meal prep ideas are great. Check the flyers for what’s on sale & coupon if you can! Leftovers are amazing too. Learn to love them!

  6. Excellent! I’m single on a budget! I eat one meal a day I refuse to pay for inflation! Get creative Plenty of ways to save on groceries!
    Rachael love all your saving tips! I plan first I don’t impulse shop groceries Think before you open your wallet Period!

  7. The curbside pickup sounds good in theory, but it sometimes feels like it ultimately costs us more. I’ve found when we do pickup, the vegetables and meats in particular seem to always be on the verge of expiration. The staff is clearly not taking the time to look at shelf life left, or ripeness of items. So if we buy a week worth of groceries, but the majority of it expires buy Wed/Thurs then we just end up buying stuff twice.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

  8. Thanks for the ideas!

  9. Uthman Sheikh

    1:03 Strategically plan ahead.
    2:07 Meal plan and meal prep.
    3:36 Check out grocery store loyalty programs.
    4:11 Freeze, dry and can foods.
    5:12 Pay attention to where you shop.
    6:22 Find the money-saving substitutes.

  10. the crazy life and times of a crazy daizy

    these prices are out of control we have really tightened our purse strings we never eat out ever we completely cut out all out of the house meals drinks and entertainment and instead adopted movie and game night as well as themed dinner nights at home we make all pizzas subs etc, at home and get you a food storage its saving me a ton and im a gardener we have been since 2020 and we live right in town i pack a ton of food in my tiny yard i get lots of food in the summer to can and preserve we buy nothing in a box either we learned to cook from scratch instead i also learned to sew and knit and craft my own decor by using what i already have i am saving as much as i can i hope it was sure big steps to get here though but i had to or we were going to be so broke

  11. This episode should be all about Rachel gaining a solid 15 pounds.


    I go to Aldi and Walmart. I’m trying to figure out if I’m even saving anything. Buying food now days is just frustrating.

  13. The best thing is to use cash envelopes for food. One for groceries and the other for eating out.

  14. We stopped buying microwavable popcorn and are using popcorn we pop ourselves. It is about $1.49 a bag.

  15. Amelia Pranger

    Thank you for the reminder on meal planning this week cost me only $25.65 for groceries
    (mind you we have meat in the freezer already and it’s just me and my hubby, baby is not due till April)

  16. Use the items in your pantry 😆

  17. 1. Cut back on the number of meals per day and reduce portion size.
    2. Buy staples such as rice, beans, soup, dry pasta, cereal, canned food, spices, sauces, etc…on sale and stock up.
    3. Learn how to cook cheaper cuts of meat and/or eat less meat.
    4. Trade unused food with a neighbor for something they have that you would use.

  18. Melissa Sprayberry

    The weeks that I need paper products, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, and all my pet needs literally takes all of my grocery budget .

  19. April Driggers

    Always great advice!!!❤

    Plan around what’s on sale so you can make TWO and freeze one. Then you’re saving money and time while stocking your freezer!

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