How to study, revise and write the Geography Paper | ICSE 10 Board Exam | SWS Top Tips | T S Sudhir how to

How to study, revise and write the Geography Paper | ICSE 10 Board Exam | SWS Top Tips | T S Sudhir #buildempire


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In this video, I explain how you should prepare for the Geography paper in ICSE Class 10 and how to execute what you studied in the examination hall, including the Time management strategy.

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  1. Neelam Sharma

    Climate and Agriculture are REAL phobias sir… 🙁

  2. Sir please tell will I get 20 in internals,, if I get 20 marks in internals all of my worries will go away….

  3. GamingAndTechWithAadi

    sir i am getting 78 or 79/80 in maths and the maths test papers that had been done by teju didi helped me revise a lot

  4. I love agriculture chps😂ill opt that

  5. Sir please make a MCQs on geography

  6. Thanks sir for u my score is 79

  7. P. Tanmay Krishna

    Sir can u please please give the mcqs on geography . Plss pls pls

  8. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio

    like the edits!

  9. Mass bro

  10. Sir for quadratic question i wrote root 48 value wrong till there everything was right .. how many marks will be deducted ?

  11. Pratishtha Rathore

    sir I’ll be getting 75+/80 in history and approx 72/80 in Maths

  12. Sir please make video on important mcq’s

  13. Sir is it a perfect answer for the question
    define kalbaishakhi .
    The convectional rainfall accompanied with thunderstorms occurs during the evenings of Summer months at West bengal and Assam

    Define loo
    Hot dry dusty winds which blows over northern plains during summer is called loo

    Sir please do reply … Is it a correct answer .. or should I add anything more .

  14. Sir, is it 100% confirm that in subjective part we will get a question from each chapter or they can give 2 questions from 1 chapter too… Please reply sir…

  15. Babita Srivastava

    Sir I am very depressed not able to recover from today’s maths paper , I was looking forward to scoring full in it , but got a quite number of questions wrong , my parents had many expectations from me but I wasn’t able to live up to their expectations , sir please tell how do I recover from it please

  16. I didn’t even touch the book till now

  17. Utkarsh Verma

    Sir water resources mein i get too much confused in advantages and end up messing with each other😵‍💫😭😭😤😤😤

  18. Thank you so much sir . Your advices help a lot . Makes me feel more confident and motivated. Thank you so much ❤

  19. Pushpa Sharma

    Yaa sir u r absouletly right agriculture chapter so long nd plus their climatic conditions temperatures are so tricky to remember so I am just gonna to do that chapter just for mcq…

  20. Dhanya Hasini

    Thank you sir for the natu natu series . After each exam , it has become a routine to wait for your videos and prepare accordingly. I’m really thankful that I found your channel just two days before the first exam . I hope you will try to make content for commerce stream for 11th and 12th so I can stay in touch with this channel. Once again thank you sir for this wonderful and helpful content.

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