How to study smarter? | Sunday Study Tips | Senthilnathan how to

How to study smarter? | Sunday Study Tips | Senthilnathan #buildempire


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How to study smarter? | Sunday Study Tips | Senthilnathan
#sundaystudytips #studytips #studysmarter #biologysimplifiedtamil #senthilnathan

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  1. Sir is sri muthukumaran medical college got recognization for 2022 ??…can we take seat from that college sir..??

  2. @Madhina Araf  naa second round ku register panniten…but enakku naa ippo clg pidichirukku…naa choice fill and locking pannama apdiye vituta …naa ippo irukkura college eh enakku retain aaguma sir..plz reply me sir🙏🙏🙏😭😭

  3. Round 2 krishnagiri medical clg ku mbc ku evalo mark Venum?

  4. dhivya dharshini

    sir during preference i can able to select both the choice for private university and esic but during locking choices i am getting total clg 0 and selected 0 for private university and esic same with management i can’t able to lock choice for private university what to do sir

  5. Enoda prblm enanah, na inki oru topic padikiren nah NXT athey day nalaiki pathen nah maranthu poii ukanthu eruken:(((

  6. Sai sangurai.G

    Good evening sir. I am currently a student of MMC, studying MBBS, joined in round 1 counselling. But in round 2 counselling, I have a vacant seat in CMC, Vellore. Is it advisable to resign from MMC and join in CMC, Vellore?
    Kindly need your honest opinion on this. A humble request sir!

  7. Sir I am studying 12th now I have many questions based on need and further studies,how can I contact you sir

  8. Chapterwise video regular ah upload panunga sir 🥺😭pls

  9. Thank you sir. Sir padikum pothu thukam varuthu sir. Athu ku ethavathu tips solluga sir….

  10. Lalitha Thangavel

    Sir I ordered biology neet quick revision guide months ago please update about that or atleast refund it sir 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  11. Sir round 1 la seat allot aagiruchu. Naa join panala. But round 2 ku poga virumabala. Going to take drop. Now when Will they refund security deposit 30,000? Pls say? is there any process in between?

  12. Sir i will appearing in neet 2023 but Sir my initial is placed in first in my birth certificate and in my 12th marksheet it is placed in last sir this will make any issue plz explain it sir what to do

  13. Sir this time year we can expect internal choice in neet exam?

  14. Sir ennakku oru doubt,
    Naa first graduate apply pannuna counseling appo self declaration form mattum vecha aana ennakku first graduate cancel aaiduchu Ippo ennakku second round la seat keadachuthuna first graduate keapangala?

  15. Sir centac counseling schedule released sir… Round 1 results tomorrow sir.. Please make an update sir

  16. Sabarish 2023 NEET achiver

    Sir nanu this year 12th standard study pandren ennaku march 13exam sir but NEET exam may 7nu soninga ennaku adhukula result Varum ahh sir illa Nanu next year than write Pana mudiyuma

  17. Sir Morphology of flowering plant one shot revision video upload pannunga sir

  18. V2la NEET 🩺

    Sir pls upload an vdo for partial repeaters…..humble request 🥲

  19. Very thanks sir from this I learnt to study how Thankyou sir

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