How to Suppress Your Emotions Like a Real Man how to

How to Suppress Your Emotions Like a Real Man #buildempire


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Here’s everything you need to know to be able to suppress your emotions like a real man!

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  1. Bahahahahaha

  2. Barely awesome.

  3. Andrew Tschida

    I wonder if the workout entails chainsaws??!!

  4. Okay ladies, never say “We need to talk. ” Instead say, “I need your perspective on something.” Maybe then he’ll listen to yours. Also, don’t use the word feelings. Say “I was thinking” instead. So maybe you can have a conversation without him being threatened by feelings. I really think a real man should be able to handle a woman expressing her feelings though. It shows he really cares, whereas avoiding the expression of feelings screams I don’t care about you.

  5. Hillarious 😆😆.
    And yes i expressed laughter in this comment wich might relate to happiness, wich has penis in it.

  6. You always make me laugh so hard xD

  7. The Trump News Network

    As a real man I have to agree with everything you said here. Now if we could only get through to the young bucks who think they want to be girls.

  8. The moment he was holding a 5Cal sniper and threatened people who dare to call him anything but Zem, understood politics.

  9. Identity Politics:
    I Now Identify as Bed-Rock.
    I am Rooted into the Earth.
    I Do Not Move!
    I Have No Feelings or Care’s!

    Best Wishes
    Mr. Rock Quarry

  10. Love it 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  11. Love the sarcasm!

  12. I watched this video and now I am a man, wasnt even trying either, was a woman 8.10 minutes ago. Who needs Andrew Taint.

  13. Honestly based

  14. Lewis Heasman

    For those who don’t understand; Facebook, Instagram users, Biden voters, he’s only joking. It’s the opposite of reality.

  15. Fifth Wall Radio

    There are I’m sure, dudes who do this as a matter of course

  16. That Axe needs to go back above the mantle, before it actually becomes used! It’s way to pretty to be a utility, Kinda like a house cat that thumbs it’s nose at the mice running around, waiting for the servant to open a can of fancy cat food!

  17. John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

    Nailed it.

  18. Leigh Ann Lewis

    Hey my husband acts just like this. This class is amazing so men can really be alone. So he must be the ultimate man. 🤔 wonder if he’ll notice if I am gone? 😄

  19. there is some good advice in here actually

  20. This video has made this 40 year old man’s balls drop for a 2nd time

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