How to Survive a Skunk Attack how to

How to Survive a Skunk Attack #buildempire


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Oh, what’s that smell? You’re feeling nauseous, your eyes are burning and you can’t see or breathe. Are you the target of a tear gas attack? No, you just got in the way of this stinker and now you’re suffering the consequences. But hold on, help is on its way. How far can a skunk spray? Why shouldn’t you use tomato juice to mask the smell? Which home remedy would get the stink out?

00:00 How to Survive a Skunk Attack
01:14 Beware of Daytime Skunks
01:50 Don’t Get Skunked
02:21 Move Slowly
02:53 Drop the Juice
03:34 Make Rover a Home Remedy

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  1. How to survive a werewolf attack !!!! 😱😱

  2. Houston Helicopter Tours

    You’ll survive the smell…but not the humiliation. 😂

  3. Jeremy Sathoud

    How to survive you should make the next video a bullet ant and some people could be allergic to it and die

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  5. Sleepy Creeper

    How to Survive Tear-Gas

  6. Nicole Stevens

    I like how it’s actually green

  7. Number one way to survive a skunk attack: Don’t own skunks

  8. DO NOT PUT WATER ON YOURSELF OR YOUR DOG FIRST! First – lather up with the Dawn, Baking Soda, & Hydrogen Peroxide concoction, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to neutralize the thiol compound. Then rinse with water & shampoo or soap. By putting water on first you’re just spreading the thiol compound all over the place, including your shower.

  9. Nicholas Heredia

    Can you upload How to Survive Guarding the Pink Panther? 💎

  10. 🤢Surviving with that Skunk really stinks🦨

  11. As someone who lives in the states and seen skunks wandering in his backyard. There’s nothing more horrifying than accidentally standing behind the @$$hole of a skunk at night (I fond out when I flashed the light on my dogs who were harassing it). Besides the smell, they’re still pretty vicious like all members of the weasel family (yep! A skunk is a weasel just like otters and badgers). 🦨
    Heres another reccomendation: How to survive a raccoon attack please? 🦝

  12. survive a wasp/bee/hornet swarm

  13. How to survive a honey badger Attack

  14. Amputated Heart Feast

    “Grab a shotgun and blow up their head.”
    This come in handy

  15. Step one: Stay away from me

  16. How to survive a Karen attack?
    How to survive police encounter?

  17. Rumor has it those skunks has meat with good protein, it’s very disgusting plus I wouldn’t dare either.

  18. Learning something new each day!!! Love this channel

  19. The Rebel Saiyan

    Lmao got sprayed a few night ago, little fuckers

  20. Nicholas Heredia

    Sal Vulcano: TOMATO SAUCE EVERYWHERE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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