How To Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau how to

How To Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau #buildempire


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How To Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

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  1. Is that going to irritate my already inflamed RH-QL (Quadratus Lumborum), me thinks it will, bugger!

  2. Jeffrey Garcia

    More putting tips??

  3. stephen hatton

    From Australia….awesome video, Bryson ……entertaining, succinct, so personable and informative. You`re a natural on camera, love your work!!!!

  4. My chiropractor is going to be seeing me a lot more often if I hit driver 120 times as hard as I can 3 days a week! Maybe my back will get used to it?

  5. Nice. I lost some weight and 10 mph of max driver speed recently. That´s interesting.
    I have the same force (muscles), but now it produces more movement (since less mass), so I guess I have to re-time everything to get the speed back, right? All I can feel through the ball right now is slowness.

  6. James Hopcroft

    My target for the winter over in the uk is to add some yards. Unfortunately with range ball prices round here no way I can afford to hit 150 balls 3 times a week

  7. This will have people hacking lol .

  8. I can’t believe u only use a reg flex shaft. Why is that

  9. thanks for sharing. how do you control the club face in this super high speed?  
    thank you, learn from the best.

  10. Can you get cobra to bring back the 5.5 Ltd LS head for customers to buy.

  11. Really enjoyed this. Cheers

  12. Nonfortis Cedtenax

    You’ve lost bulk bro, but still an awsesome innovator!

  13. Tiger threw his back out after watching this!

  14. Not going to lie, views aren’t great and he makes 10s of millions playing professional golf. I’m confused why so much time goes into this and not winning another US Open

  15. Ever since I know you, not only I became big fan of you. Also, I like to use cobra clubs. And I am trying to copy your swing to improve my driver distance.
    I am only 5.4ft tall, but, I can hit my driver 260~270yds thanks to your videos!. And lastly I am 42years old guy from South Korea. Haha.

  16. I’m digging the liver king hand gestures love ya Bryson

  17. Andrew Shimmin Golf and Kung Fu

    Nice one Bryson – would love to see you in Aus sometime at Links Hope Island hitting bombs over the 🦘!

  18. You need to call the slow mo guys!

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