How To Switch Password Managers in 2023 + LEAVE LASTPASS! how to

How To Switch Password Managers in 2023 + LEAVE LASTPASS! #buildempire


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How to leave LastPass once and for all!

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  1. Nice video Shanon 😊

  2. Thank you for this video! I’ve been dragging my feet on switching but have been onboard with the idea since the initial breach in November. I just need to square away a day this weekend to start this process. By the way, I remember seeing your content back in the Rev3 HAK5 days; I’m glad to see you still making great content!

  3. IMHO it’s better to change passwords after you exported CSV data from Lastpass because even if you delete data on Lastpass where’s still a chance what data will be in server backups

  4. Biffa Plays Indie Games

    Honest question, what if Delete Me got hacked and you’ve given them all your personal info to go out looking for?

  5. If it’s taken this long to change your pw manager you deserve to get owned, 3 months too late really.

  6. Good luck to whoever cracks my Lastpass vault from the breach and discovers all ~600 logins have been changed. 😎 This last breach was the final draw for me to move away from Lastpass.

  7. Good to see you being so thorough about deleting LastPass. I was checking every step, since I did that many years ago (when the plans changed) and well, I haven’t deleted it yet. There’s no passwords there but I still have some 2FA codes on the Authenticator, which is the reason why I haven’t deleted it entirely. Maybe I’ll do it now.

  8. john capehart

    Thanks for the knowledge Shannon/cool Sailor Moon hoodie.

  9. One last reminder, don’t forget to delete that exported CSV file 😂😂.

  10. Mrajtheartist


  11. Matthew Ferrier

    you can select all the entries by going up to sort by in the upper right hand corner and select a-z and change to list view. you will have a check box next to each one. if you select the first entry and the scroll down to the bottom and Shift click on the last one it will select all the entries. You can then click on the trash can on one of the entries and it will delete all of them.

  12. Jonathan Bradburry

    Come on y’all you know you love her only a little more lets get Shannon to a 100k subs. 🙂

  13. Lastpass premium for several years, move to other online passmanager 4 years ago, then current got breach also, make me headache, got offline password manager but backup not current.

  14. Thank you so much Shannon. I hadn’t watched your videos for some time, so glad I’ve started watching again.

  15. There is an option in LastPass to delete everything permanently. It nukes everything in your account.

  16. This was great! Will be sending this to friends & family. :):)

  17. Hi Shannon! I recently discovered while trying to leave LastPass Authenticator with over 100 accounts that there was no way to export them on iOS. I had to purchase an Android tablet and use the Android App to export them as that functionality is not available on iOS. I was able to easily move my entire collection of accounts to Google Authenticator. This would make a great video for those that are using the LastPass Authenticator.

  18. Isn’t the whole point of coming up with a password to keep privacy by NOT STORING it on any web-based space (even if its a “password manager”?

  19. sending this video to my mother…

  20. Al van der Laan

    I switched off of LastPass about a 6 weeks ago. I chose for Bitwarden and I am okay with it. The import did not go as smooth as I had hoped.

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