How to Track a Human | Tactical Tracking how to

How to Track a Human | Tactical Tracking #buildempire


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Tracking is not a very commonly talked about skill, at least anymore. We did a video on tracking a while back with Seaux Larreau that you can find in our video archive, where he taught the basics of the step by step method. Those are the basic building blocks of the skill. In that video he mentioned Peter Kerr with TTOS (Tactical Tracking Operations School) . Peter teaches tactical tracking to close with the individual as rapidly as possible. Peter has been on counter drug task forces, taught swat teams and helped with Border security.

Well, we finally convinced Peter to share some of his knowledge with us… and you. This was really eye opening for us.

If you’ve spent a bunch of time outdoors you’ve most likely given at least some thought to what a useful skill this can be in so many contexts. Other than just tactical applications it’s useful for finding missing people, hunting or maybe finding your own way back to safety, just to name a few that come to mind.

Unfortunately, just like any other skill, you can get some great knowledge from watching this but you gotta go outside and play to develop these skills. Hopefully you find this useful, as well as a good motivator to go spend some time outside learning it for yourself.

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  1. I don’t know if he’s retired now, but Scott Donelan from Africa is one of the best trackers around. He used to teach the U.S. Border Patrol.

  2. Karl take it easy on those old knees. I could hear them scream all the way across the country.

    Good luck on your recovery.

  3. Tetrakosari Honda Turbo

    Also if you want to man track and you can afford, you could buy a DJI Matrice T30 with thermal and you’ll manage…

  4. Tetrakosari Honda Turbo

    And i thought UF Pro did a nice video… This one is gold!

  5. Greating from Belgium. question: how tracking in urban environment like ruines, war zones, etc ?

  6. Tracking humans with a working dog works best for me. 🤷🏻‍♂️🐺

  7. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio

    I love your video idea

  8. Russell W Pierce

    No one does “Sign-Cutting” better than the U.S. Border Patrol. Tracking humans through the rough frontier is literally what they do for a living! Thank you TR for the video, it’s very informative.

  9. My buddy is a border patrol agent out in the mountains east of San Diego. He does this everyday.

  10. Enlightened & preparing E&P

    I’ve found when tracking females it’s the heels 👠 that I find 😂 jk seriously just something I’ve found you can use a high powered light low and parallel to the ground to find shadows that aren’t easily seen. Even works in daylight.

  11. Great video Sir 👍I was wondering if these methods work about the same at night using ir illuminator and nvg ?

  12. Hehe, what about cameras footprint?

  13. My father was part of the commandos during the colonial war in Africa. His specialty was tracking down the enemy… He taught me a lot of tricks. According to him, stalking man is the most exciting hunt.

  14. 5.7R/T Challenger

    This is a awesome video even just by watching it you’re 100 times better off than somebody with no knowledge at all. Thanks a lot T are you guys rock. I always learn something watching you guys exclamation

  15. Holy crap thanks for making this I have always thought I was ok at tracking foot steps that how we find friends when they get separated in the woods from us here in south FL but learned a ton more from this!

  16. Intro sounds like an ad

  17. Paul American

    This is a dying art. Drones with sensors are faster, safer and some drones are more lethal.

  18. Loved it, thanks guys!

  19. I wish I had half this guys energy

  20. What pack is that

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