How to treat joint aches and pains that are caused by menopause how to

How to treat joint aches and pains that are caused by menopause #buildempire


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How to treat joint aches and pains caused by menopause // Have you noticed joint aches and pains at the same time as the onset of some of the classic menopause symptoms? If so, I want to provide you with knowledge about what you can do to get relief from joint aches and pains and to better understand if menopause is the cause of the pain.

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  1. Heather Hirsch MD, MS, NCMP

    What helped your joint aches and pains? Tell me and your friends below!

  2. Shannon Buchanan

    So thankful for this video. This has been my worst symptom and I went through this with my doctor, she said joint aches and pains are not a symptom of menopause.She is also against HRT…

  3. Signora Bartollini

    I’m 44 y .old..vaginal body is like on a boat..filing loosing,joint pain palvic ect


    I use enemas and essential oil suppositories for joint aches and pains.

  5. Sorry you are not feeling well :(. Could you do a video on orgasm quality and HRT? I’ve noticed they feel better since i started HRT, but sometimes struggle to even get one. Thanks!

  6. 4 months after my complete hysterectomy, this previous runner and hiker, couldn’t even get up off the ground due to the extreme pain from my joints and muscles. No supplements or pain killers were enough to get rid of it. It was the final straw to start on HRT 2 months ago and within 2 weeks I noticed major improvement in the joints and all the other symptoms of menopause. I had resisted HRT for months but the joint pain was the final push over the edge to get it. So glad I made that choice to start HRT. Thanks for your videos, they helped me make a good decision for me.

  7. Shirley Kennedy

    I was on HRT patch for about five months it made my blood pressure high can you tell me why that happened? Dr lowered my dose it still had the problem had to stop and then went back to normal I was also taking Progesterone I miss sleeping well ☹️

  8. I’m a 49yo former dancer who had my last child, now 6yo, at 43. My knees and back are constantly killing me. Ugh!

    Ladies, try a vitamin B supplement for your hot flashes. Since I started my B vitamins I’m no longer woken in the middle of the night by hot flashes that cause me to soak my pillow and blankets. It takes about a week to get the right levels, and can mess with your stomach, so take with food, and of course, check with your doctor before starting any supplement regimin.

  9. Can you be post menopausal (age 62) and still do hormone replacement ?

  10. Noga Englander

    Wow its amazing . This is exactly what happend to me. Thank you so much. I will consalt my dr. ,,🤩

  11. Does this also apply to stiffness?

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