How to Trick Your Brain into Doing Hard Things how to

How to Trick Your Brain into Doing Hard Things #buildempire


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I’ve always struggled with procrastination and doing hard things even when I knew it was for my own good. And if you’ve ever felt stuck and unmotivated, like you fight with your brain to accomplish anything, you know how it feels. But, there is a way we can trick our brains into doing hard things, even when we don’t feel like it. If you have no better ideas available, give the tips in this video a shot to trick your brain into working for you and not against you.

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  1. So uh, when you launch your billion dollar company, just remember to tell yourself that, “you are a person who donated money to YouTube commenters”

  2. How can i stop feeling bad about myself wasting my time even when i have done all my work?

  3. Abdala Mustafe

    -Me: ok I’m so….
    -My brain: don’t even try(:

  4. Anyway how can i integrate the thumbnail question?

  5. The brain thinking..: How he tricked me ?

  6. W to the recent thumbnails 🔥‼️😗

  7. broooo all the tips will help me immensely THANK YOU SO MUCH

  8. Rabia Bukhari

    can you guys also make a video about self restraint. i lock my phone hide it and what not but i just CANT. theres all kinds of questions about the world that i must google which i forget within 5 seconds of opening the Google and then before i know it ive been scrolling for hours. i have app lock; keep extending the limit every 5 minutes. not even kidding and ill do this for hours at a stretch. I have extremely important exams coming up and i cant study without devices. Any help will be appreciated

  9. Rabia Bukhari

    never thought i’d like someone other than @fayefilms in this side of youtube but hey

  10. suga's tongue technology

    2:24 is that your house?? woah lmao

  11. Thank You!

  12. Atomic Habits is great, just started it a couple weeks ago and I’ve learned so much, great reminder from this video. Only thing I have to start working on now is to start applying it consistently.

  13. 2:08 baby steps
    2:54 just start getting ready
    3:34 batch difficult with enjoyable
    4:48 taking pressure off the ego, gamify
    6:10 change the narrative you have about yourself,

  14. Physiotherapy Insider

    Love it! This is gem!😊

  15. nice nice nice video!! <3

  16. Thank you

  17. Aryan Srivastava

    What worked for me: i had put my phone on table in living room, put my laptop and book summary journal on dining table and lock myself in my room and surround myself with books and stationery and learn only 2-4 concepts and then solve problems on those concepts from all books i can find before sleeping

  18. Jovina Namdeo

    ohh god thank you for this video, tomorrow is my math board exam and i was feeling so burned out and was just mindlessly scrolling instead of doing calculus

  19. People solving that integral from thumbnail 🗿

  20. Rahatul Ghazi

    *Negative Emotions*

    [02:06] Tell yourself you’re only gonna do the hard thing for a little bit.

    [02:51] Just start getting ready.

    [03:33] Batch difficult work with enjoyable work or with rewards.


    [04:48] Taking the pressure off our ego.

    [06:10] Change the narrative we have about ourself.

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