HOW TO UNLOCK THE WM29 PISTOL! New GTA Online Weapon Guide how to

HOW TO UNLOCK THE WM29 PISTOL! New GTA Online Weapon Guide #buildempire


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  1. Henrico Brunselaar

    I don’t get it how do i get the real gun with the van i don’t can find it

  2. Your friendly neighbourhood dumbass

    If you can’t pick it up and you are in a public session
    its probably because other people grabbed it before you
    i don’t know tbh

  3. Anyone else having trouble getting into dax’s building becase everytime i go up to the blue circles i get a black screen initalising

  4. dafuk do you mean easiest to get its RNG dependant and fuck R* for that,seriously can’t they make it spawn more reliably? i’m sick of waiting hours upon hours for one random shit to spawn,then again this game is as dead and boring as they come so the only way it retains players is by literally tricking and baiting them into staying in it its pathetic -_-

  5. How can you tell the time in gta? I’ve played for years but I don’t know how to tell military time

  6. Michael Stedefeld

    Isnt it just a skin for the ceramic pistol? Btw the Sound it both with and without silencer incredible

  7. You obviously can’t wait for the event at the event location.

  8. Itai lustgarten

    I just did the cayo preps and after 23:00 i went and picked up the gun. Looks like a week one but I’ll try and upgrade it if possible. Thanks for the vid ❤

  9. guys, how to get widowmaker in online mode after update 🙁

  10. Always with the time zones man gta games I swear

  11. I hope this spawns in invite only lobbies too, I can’t be doing with griefer filled public ones

  12. Im still waiting for some small automatic pistol

  13. Have a safe Christmas TGG

  14. Just another thing on the weapon wheel to scroll past to get to the AP

  15. what does the gun look like? did we finally get a glock after 14 years??

  16. Sooooo, in conclusion, you didn’t actually show how to unlock the WM29 pistol, you showed us how to get lucky enough to spawn into a lobby where someone else had already triggered the event, which you didn’t explain either. Thanks a lot Captain No-Help.

  17. Is this for new gen or not

  18. So this is based of the glock 19?

  19. How to unlock this pistol?

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