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How to use Apple Pay | Apple Support #buildempire


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With Apple Pay, you can easily and securely pay for items using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. We’ll show you how to add a card, and how to use it.

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  1. I don’t even carry my bank card anymore 🇿🇦

  2. It would be great if we can use Apple Pay as our access cards and even put our ID cards in it.

  3. karthik Kodepaka

    But not available in India

  4. Amirreza Biglarnia

    Please low the sanction on Iran
    Iranian people are different from their government

  5. When will it be available in tunisia !!

  6. When I wants to send money via Apple cash, an error pops up that this function is disabled. How to turn it on?

  7. Love ApplePay 🙌🏾‼️🤩

  8. Mohammad Ajas

    Make it available in INDIA

  9. I paid with Apple Pay at Target earlier, but the Wallet app unable to sync. It showed without the charge. Fix to sync immediately.

  10. Aashish Patil

    Not available in India

  11. When will arrive to Chile? Here we still waiting more than a year to use, and the official web site only say “soon“…

  12. Bring it to India🇮🇳

  13. Chetan Ramakrishna

    When is it coming to India ?

  14. If you have an iPhone with Touch ID you don’t have the two button for camera and flashlight on home screen this is new or an error?

  15. Still not available in South Korea

  16. Максим Румянцев

    Please return Apple Pay to Russia 😢😭

  17. Please make it available in Türkiye🇹🇷 We have contactless payment everywhere

  18. Jayakumar Ravindran

    When will be available in India.

  19. Kaustubh Pachpande

    Still not available in india 😢😢😢

  20. The best company in the world

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