How To Win a World Cup with NO CHAIN | Race Run Analysis – Leogang 2015 how to

How To Win a World Cup with NO CHAIN | Race Run Analysis – Leogang 2015 #buildempire


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What a crazy race this turned out to be! I give a full play-by-play of the infamous “chainless run” from Leogang 2015.

Thanks to Red Bull for providing the footage!

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  1. Another epic run is your Gwin’ning run at MSA in 2017 in the mud. What a legend! Can’t wait to see you smashing the circuit in 2023! Greeting’s and support from Belgium.

  2. Ratboy asked you in the finish zone: “where did it happen” thinking it happened at the bottom. When you responded “right after the gate” I think he said “you son of a …” and was in shock, right? Will never forget that.

  3. You made your own luck that day .. so inspirational and a great way to show that carrying on and digging deep can bring great results .. You’re an awesome rider mate … 😜

  4. I also remember watching this run live – and vividly remember Troy’s reaction. He used some choice Aussie language while congratulating you. 😉

  5. Stewart Jackson

    Been my hero and who i try to emulate riding for many years now 🙌

  6. Looking the run at slow pace, tell about the bike stance 💕

  7. @Aaron – where you cross chained when you took off? Or just a regular snap?

  8. No chain = less weight = FASTER SPEED!!!!!!!!

  9. Andrew Drennan

    Pretty good life insight early on there. good stuff gwin. It has been fun watching you come back to form and clearly enjoying it. seems like you and eli tomac have found so much joy in these later parts of your career and both succeeding.

  10. Marco Melendez

    Otro pedo esa corrida por el GOAT

  11. Trevor Waterfield

    Only you bro could do it.👍👍👍👍

  12. Thanks for the analysis,Aaron! Definitely one of the best!

  13. Micael Pereira

    One of the most unforgettable runs of all time!

  14. for the love of the game 🤙 thank you 🙌🤘

  15. So cool Aaron. Great to hear your recount of this. Legend! Also been really enjoying your riding videos lately, keep it up man they’re so helpful

  16. Patrik Scherer

    Hi Aaron Pat here.I will just ask if you was thinking about whole series on this topic like mindset or just what is going in your mind in critical situations or just analysis of your best races for me personally,is more interesting going throught critical situations and managing not so good times.Maybe also why is bike important and setup.Because you switching the companies so much and for me mortal person is like-if fits i sits 🙂

  17. You are amazing, But I have to say, well you were a kid. I lost my chain on a run, but not in a WORLD CUP but a local Big Bear cali race. I got 10th over all . That day I learned to use my brakes less and use my suspension the way it was to be used. I of course was ready to stop but the bike kept going. No one believed me that my chain was broken off after a couple turns and I did as “good as i did.” they thought it was at the end.
    When I saw this for the first time someone sent me the link of the Winning Chainless Win, I was cheering you on as if it was happening at the time.
    Your Run and most all of them will go down in history, mine was just a memory for me and some others that saw it happen.
    Thank you for sharing your info with us all. my Son watches and tries to ride what you share in your videos.

  18. Lance Alligood

    This should easily become the most popular video that you will ever have on your channel. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  19. Arnon Cornette

    I remember watching this live and just screaming like crazy on my basement! After that I started to remove the chain on every new bike I own to see how effective it would be.

  20. Ricky Downhill


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