How to Win Undead Legacy: The EPIC Conclusion! – 7 Days to Die (UL42 – FINALE) how to

How to Win Undead Legacy: The EPIC Conclusion! – 7 Days to Die (UL42 – FINALE) #buildempire


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It’s the EPIC conclusion to the Undead Legacy series complete with a VERY special raid 84 days in the making followed by the most vicious Horde ever seen at Camp FUBAR!

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Opening Scene
2:09 Temple of the Warrior
5:54 Ascending the Stairs
7:19 Entering the Pyramid
9:36 Close Encounter with a Demo!
11:52 Surprise Behind the Wall!
13:39 Very Many Zombies!
18:09 Deeper Underground…
19:39 I Am The Alpha Warrior
20:47 The Main Loot
21:52 The Escape
23:39 The Final Day
28:19 The Final Montage
30:38 Goodbye, Ellen
33:01 Final Weapon Upgrades
35:36 Lock ‘n Load
36:50 The Meat Wave
40:26 The Armored Wave
44:19 The Mutant Wave
47:31 Morning
49:05 Brinx’s Fury Unleashed for the Last Time
50:59 One More Ride…
51:56 Goodbye

From “Undead Legacy is an overhaul mod for 7 Days to Die with main focus on improving quality of life features, immersion and expanding content in a meaningful way with additional complexity layer with lots of new items, blocks, recipes, prefab changes and more!

It’s developed by 1 person – Subquake with a little help of other community members in smaller things. You can read in more detail about this under Credits.

Mods development started during Alpha 11 of 7 Days to Die and first stable release came out in November 4th, 2017 Main inspiration comes from games like: Fallout 4, Fallen Earth, Sheltered, Project Zomboid, XCOM, Conan Exiles and others.”

►Difficulty: Survivalist
►Day speed: Sprint
►Feral speed: Nightmare
►Night speed: Nightmare
►Blood Moon Speed: Nightmare
►Blood Moon Zombies: 64
►Max Alive Zombies: 64
►Feral Sense: Off
►Wandering Hordes: 0-30 zombies every 8-24 hours
►Loot Respawn: Off
►Mark Airdrops: On
►World: Custom
►Player Block Damage: 150%
►Land Claim Blocks: 2
►Land Claim Range: 71 Blocks

#7DaysToDie #UndeadLegacy #alpha20

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  1. lol needing plant fiber has come full circle, one of your very first tips this series was about picking up/scrapping hay bales xD

  2. Tizona Amanthia

    well, ya got ONE weapon up to S3 class! kudos! I wonder what the stat differences are. let’s see, it’s S1 stats are 55.9 dmg 19round mag, 3.3 fire rate 385 durability 1915 value S3 stats are 59.7 dmg, 20 round mag 3.4/s fire rate. 391 durability 2176 value. [I think these values are modded values, but they should be comperable, at least.] sooo….yeah, definitely an improvement. too bad the durability didn’t raise that much, but but another 4 points of damage is solid!

  3. Steven Philcock

    Such an inspirational series – everything from the game play, base design, humour, post editing, etc, etc – the effort that you put into your content is utterly amazing! What a series and what an ending!!! Thank you Tem!

  4. Epic!

  5. Thank you for the series.
    The final’s final was absolutely fantastic.
    Seems you’ve found the santuary to get peace!

  6. Excellent series, thank you. Greatly looking forward to the next GNS adventure.

  7. I’d have to say that with a playthrough of a mod that can have the tendency to be as tedious as UL is, you did a hell of a job of making this gritty and impossible to walk away from. I love the nods to Glock and JaWoodle, but you’ve managed to get your own (absolutely phenomenal) stylistic quality into your videos as well. Serious props to you. I’ve binge-watched Frostbite, this series up until I got current and watched it religiously as the episodes came out, and I’m starting on the DF play through now. Congratulations on the success you’ve built, onward to even more!

  8. Wow, that ending was absolutely perfect!

  9. Ending 2 of 3. 😏

  10. MrHammertime82

    You Sir are something special.
    Huge appreciation for all the work you put into these series.

    Thank you

  11. Robert Nesbitt

    For whatever reason, at the end, I was expecting the Deathbattle finishing sounds, or some Mortal Combat finish. I always watch GNS first

  12. Shame it has to end, but this series was crazy awesome. I already look forward to the next mod you’ll be playing.

  13. Dude!! Thats better production quality than the new lord of the rings..

  14. lukestanworthuk83

    cool series man. Personally i love Darkness falls, but this was really fun. i looked forward to episodes whilst at work.

  15. Case Died Well

    Great Series, Sir!
    Looking forward to the next!

  16. Great finale dude and the perfect ending to a perfect series. You kept it fresh and exciting throughout I loved how your character bowed out, because the fight is never really over, Sanctuary is a lie.

    You should be extremely proud of the work you do. You must hear this a lot but your editing is always on point, your cinematic style is the best I have seen on YT. I love your storytelling and how you really invest in your character. Your effort shines through and I am sure this is just the beginning of what will you will achieve.

  17. Ther was a better rocket launcher than stinger he was call MLRS maybe or somting like that . He can shoot 4 rocket in mag:)

  18. Jeremey Phillipson

    now all thats is left is to put together a story with narration and all the montages into one movie(video). great series, well done!

  19. Oh man that ending was brutal. Can’t wait for your next series!

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