Husband of missing mom searched how to dispose and dismember body how to

Husband of missing mom searched how to dispose and dismember body #buildempire


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Internet records show the husband of missing Massachusetts woman, Ana Walshe, searched for how to dispose and dismember a body, sources told CNN. CNN’s Jason Carroll and “Inside Edition” host Deborah Norville have more. #CNN #News

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  1. Walsh made the top 100 stupidest criminal list.

  2. That guy’s pic is in the dictionary next to “fat pud.”

  3. Shlep Messing

    Is that what the “incognito” search feature is for?

  4. Don Lemon…in the AM?!?! Now – that’s a great promotion from hosting a primetime show named after yourself….bawaaaaa :o)

  5. Unified Vision

    Shoulda gone to the library to do research.

  6. i’ve been watching too many true crime stories. if I were younger & looking for a husband, or a boyfriend, i just might re-think that romantic dream. The take-away from these stories–you can never fully get to know a man –or anyone– to the point where you can be confident about who they are. All I can say to you today–I was married twice, always had boyfriends in between, and i’m still alive. My first husband was a bit off kilter, but I never felt my life or health was threatened. I just can’t fully understand these guys who kill their wives & even kids as dispassionately as they would take out the garbage. It seems to me that ever since Trump was elected, increasing numbers of people have lost their minds. lying, grifting, kidnapping, attacking the govt, supporting coups…. That man released some bad ju-ju into the world. I wish he’d go live in the kingdom of his buddy, the Prince of Dismemberment.

  7. *This chap should not only go to prison for murder, but the judge should also give him time for being a sloppy stupid murderer*
    It’s as if he was saying, I am going to kill and show you how I did it.

    Did he enjoy killing his wife?
    A very disturbed man.

  8. 🤢

  9. I guess love really is blind. She’s a sharp, educated successful woman. He’s a total dork with a criminal record. No match made in heaven. So sorry for her and the kids. Maybe she was trying to leave him and he flipped.

  10. The Bastard Gift

    Some women, unknowingly, marry their monsters. May he become prey in prison.

  11. He’s not even trying to hide anything he knew he will get caught

  12. Looks guilty.

  13. How the guy who hit every branch on his way down from the ugly tree managed to attain this beautiful woman to begin with.. is another bizarre mystery 🧐

    Those poor children ❤

  14. Daisy Gonzalez

    Is divorce no longer an option?

  15. Jonny Gertmunger

    wow – she must have been evul

    the lies these woman tell are horrible

  16. This man is a freaking moron….its like he wants to get caught…lol 😆 🤣..

  17. peter cameron

    WHAT WAS HIS PLAN? He seems like a well educated guy…he must have heard about PETERSON….CHRIS WATTS…etc these men kill their WIFE’S

  18. This guy tried to steal and sell his friend’s Andy Warhol paintings. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer😮. Want to punch his smiling face. Poor kids….

  19. The wickedness and carnage taking over our world these days is beyond comprehension.

  20. Why would anybody research that, it’s fairly easy to despose of a body.

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