I Tested the Most Viral Birria Recipes- Tacos, Ramen, Crunchwrap recipes

I Tested the Most Viral Birria Recipes- Tacos, Ramen, Crunchwrap #buildempire

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My Original Birria Tacos Test- https://youtu.be/XRJ-2Ggh4Tw

The Recipes I Followed-
Birria Tacos- https://youtu.be/gCSEXjm6B-Y
Birria Ramen- https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiL5VhMpmXO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Birria Crunchwrap- https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRuFMT8a/

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Intro: (0:00)
Birria Tacos: (0:40)
Birria Ramen: (5:01)
Birria Crunchwrap: (7:05)
Outro: (10:01)

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  1. I love how he straight up drinks the consume from the taco 😭😭

  2. Daaaaaamn! Seems like I finally have to source guajillo and ancho chilis here in Germany (doable but not in an average supermarket).

    This looks (and sounds) delicious!

  3. My god the shade thrown at the Try Guys…. No shame my guy. No shame!!!

  4. evelyn garcia

    The background is soo cute and now I’m hungry again I love the views on the road recipe so easy and tasty you just throw the chilli pods in the pot and carrots does give it a soo good flavor

  5. Stanley Pressley

    who’s the YouTuber with 8mil subscribers who cheated on their spouse with an employee???

  6. Sodina Purple

    Aside from David’s dish making, I always look forward to the shade-throwing part. They are epic, I tell you.

  7. anthony hunter

    The backdrops have been fire some you street this channel David!! I love it

  8. Wolf Predator

    Let’s all have a moment of silence for David’s stomach

  9. I finally recognized the YouTube shade 🤣 I never know what’s going on

  10. David, you are invited to the carne asada 🤠🧡

  11. Phantom Thread

    Can you get a crunchwrap to stay together if there is no cheese? I want to make this for my stepdaughter but she won’t eat cheese!

  12. Hey David! I feel like if you like birria, you would really enjoy bò kho. It’s a really underrated Viet dish and if you ever get a chance you should definitely try it!

  13. i can’t roll my Rs either!

  14. LOL throwing that SHADE

  15. Bro the sound at the beginning of the video made me think the house is going to explod

  16. I am from Jalisco México, I grew up eating this tacos every Sunday. Best food in the entire world, also a bomb of fat lol

  17. Petition for David to bring back his food ranking chalkboard:


  18. Ruben Omar G.

    did you just use a cheese grater for oaxaca cheese? WHAT? that thing is basically mexican mozzarella meets string cheese, you can literally just shred it the same way you did the meat hahaha

  19. The amount anxiety i was feeling watching you slosh around that bowl of sauce in the first taste test— I SWEAR youre gonna kill me

  20. Curly Noodles

    7:23 idk how i feel about this

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