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Don’t infest your homes with Bedbugs

The greatest enemy of your sweet sleep stays right there with you to attack in the darkness of night. Yes! The bedbug that concentrate in the corners of bed and attack after you fall asleep. Their presence is not attached to old, damp houses and rusty beds, even beds in luxury hotels can have these insects that feed on human blood. Bedbugs usually come out of their habitats at night and lay eggs in clothes and old furniture. Before sleeping on hotel beds you must ensure that you are not sleeping with these little vampires that can actually invade your home beds once they make you their prey.

You can recognize the effects of bedbug bites by some clear indications:

You will feel a kind of skin allergy that might not be visible at first but would cause itching followed by possible blisters. Contrary to the mosquito bite, which feels like immediate needle-like pinch, the bedbug cimicosis (bites) cause itching after some time. The reason is the sedative present in the saliva of the bedbug that avoids abrupt pain. The rash caused by the cimicosis can be identified by the small or raised bumps that have the redness with a swollen effect. The itching produced in the affected area is prolonged and more severe than that of a mosquito bite. Sometimes bedbugs bite in a row and rigorous scratch on bites might cause the bumps to become infected. Bedbug bites take longer than other rashes to cure and the bloat may be prominent for a couple of weeks.

Because of some glands that bedbugs emit during night, you can feel a strange odor in the bedbugs inhabited beds. Sometimes you may also notice small blots on the bed sheets. Furniture items that have been plagued by bedbugs have a sweet smell that indicate the influx of these tiny insects. At places where bedbugs are presence is minimal, you might not be able to smell that specific aroma.

To make sure that your home beds are kept safe from a bedbug influx, you must be cautious about your luggage that you will bring back home after your hotel stay. You can possibly be shifting these draculas to your home with your clothes or other items. The risk of attracting a bedbug is increased with secondhand wooden items and used clothes. Before packing your things, you must check each item separately for any attached bedbug as they can crawl to your luggage. You can use a good quality insect killer to get rid of bedbugs. Or put all your clothes and items on a moist marble floor or bath tub that will cause these bugs to scatter away.

Go for a laundry service and have your clothes washed so that any attached bedbugs (and eggs) gets removed. For any wooden item, place it in sharp sunlight for sometime, the heat will kill the insects. During your stay at hotels, you must ensure that you don’t take these predators back to your home, which will infect your beds, furniture and clothes and can cause serious skin diseases.

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