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Foods For Colon Cleanse

Cleaning your body through a colon cleanse program can help in weight loss and regain good health. If you are undergoing a colon cleanse, junk foods will not definitely help in the process because these kinds of food is one of the main reasons why people need to cleanse. Eating unhealthy foods during the colon cleansing procedure can stop the whole process and can even cause stomach ache, cramps and drowsiness.

There are different kinds of food that can clean your colon and there are also foods that do the opposite work. These foods will clog, irritate and even cause harmful effects in the body.

You should keep in mind that more you eat, the less you cleanse. Foods that can clean your colon will be easy for digestion and will give your body energy to break down and destroy wastes. If you are really interested to clean your body, you need to eat the right kinds of food such as the following:

1. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices

Fresh vegetables and fruits will definitely help your body to clean the colon. There are no pulps to be digested so the vitamins and minerals will be quickly absorbed by the body. Freshly made fruit juice will boost your energy, which will allow you to cleanse and flush out more fecal wastes. The fresh enzymes of fresh juices will help your body to rejuvenate itself.

Fresh fruit juice is very good for rejuvenation and enhancing the digestive system. It is best for getting rid of your body. Fructose (fruit sugar) is not processed by the body as it process refined sugar so you will not likely be to gain extra pounds.

If you are interested to treat with juices, be very sure that they are fresh. Bottled juices are not effective as fresh juices because the enzymes are dead.

2. Fresh fruits

These foods are easily digested and can aid in the cleaning process as a natural cleanser. It is recommended to add fruits in your breakfast meal. Your natural dietary cycle will more likely to choose body cleansing in the morning.

3. Fresh vegetables

Vegetables clean your colon but can be a little bit wily if your digestion is not yet ready. Perfectly, the best colon cleansers are raw vegetables but if you have digestive problems, you can eat raw vegetable salad during lunch when your digestive enzymes are in great condition. Then you can eat vegetable dishes for evening meals. Through working with your natural dietary cycles, you can enhance your digestion and your body’s ability to cleanse.

4. Raw Foods

Raw food diet can include fruits and vegetables, seeds and grains. The raw food diet will be more possible by using tools such as dehydrator.

5. Grains

Food grains such as amaranth, rice, quinoa and flax seeds are recommended for colon cleansing. Pasta are not allowed during a colon cleanse as it will stop your body’s natural rejuvenating process. You should take note that all grains will slow down your digestion so the more you eat; the slower you’ll cleanse thus, decreasing the possibility for side effects.

6. Meat

Though meat such as red meats, turkey, fish and chicken are not effective cleansers, you should not stop eating them immediately. Meats can be hard to digest and it will be a burden if eaten with bread.

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