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How You can Identify the Bed Bug?

If you wake up early in the morning and go out for a walk and feel some red spot on your body with lots of itching on it then you must be bitten by bed bugs last night. Bed bugs are very simple and small round body insect. The scientific name of bed bug is Cimex Lectularius. Insecta kingdom of specie presents the wide and diverse family of insects and pests and bed bugs also belong to this kingdom. There is concept in religious books that a time might come in this world when whole earth with human and other species like animals, birds etc will be destroyed.

Not only this world but also other planet in this world will be destroy but only one creature will remain in this world due their flexibility and toughness and bed bugs also belong to this creature. So if you are thinking of eliminating them complete then it is very tough to achieve.

You can’t see bed bugs through naked eye because they are ting creatures with flattened body. Use magnifying glass or lenses for observing them. Bed bugs are deep brown in color and but their color may vary from area to area. Some areas like Europe, there color is white or creamy due to different weather conditions. If you observe deeply then you will find red color along with brown in their stomach. Some red bugs have black spots on their stomach instead of red color. Basic diet of bed bugs is host blood. Bed bugs survive on host blood and if they will not get the blood then they may died.

Bed bugs are similar to mosquitoes and they have very small beaks. They inject this beak into human body for sucking blood. They left saliva on human skin while sucking host blood. As we all know that bed bugs are very ting creature so the blood sucks by them are very negligible about a fourth of milliliter.

Another important thing in bed bug is they don’t spread diseases in humans like other insect and pest. Mosquitoes cause malaria in humans but bed bugs are proven that they don’t carry any disease. When a bed bug bites then very small red mark appear on your skin that may swell for few hours after sometime. It creates lot of itching on skin and discomfort.

There are different ways of exterminating bed bugs. The most effective and proper way of killing pest and insect is use of pesticides or insecticides. Some pesticides are very harmful to your health. Some people don’t know that which bed bug killing medicine is good so consult any pest control operator and use recommended medicine. Pest control consultants not only advise you proper medicine but also tell you the effective way of using pesticides which helps you to avoid serious problem.

Some people think that if you make your house neat and clean then you can easily prevent bed bugs but it is true to some extent.

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