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Remedy Against Distribution and Spread of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny oval shaped wingless creatures. They are about four to five millimeters in length that you can hardly see. Bed bugs used to crawl, but it is noteworthy that they are swift runner among other insects. Bed bugs are dark brown in color and become reddish when they suck blood. It is hard to find them on brown flooring or furniture but they can be easily seen on white and light surfaces. They are so tiny and have thin body formation that can squeeze and fit easily in minute cracks and gaps. You will seldom find them at open areas; mostly they are used to hide themselves in small splits in the home furnishing.

There are two main kinds of bed bugs that bite humans and animals. The first kind is of common bed bugs also called as cimex lectularius. Large number of them are present in Australia. This kind is commonly present in any nocks and cranny, they spread and breed in areas that meet their nourishment requirements. Second kind are tropical, also known as cimex hemipterus.

These are called tropical bed bugs because, according to medical entomology department, these bed bugs are supposed to live in tropical areas in the past.

Bed bugs are not only breed and distribute in homes, bird’s nests etc. but also found on human and animal body. These habitats are most suitable for bed bugs because of the warmth which is the ideal place. Moreover, these places provide them favorable conditions to breed and multiple in numbers. They act as predators and feed on their host i.e. warm blooded animals. It is worth mentioning that bed bugs never distribute consistently throughout the environment. When the environment is unfavorable, they used to distribute in harborages like cracks and crevices in walls, furniture, wood walls, wall units, carpeting and wall papers. Moreover, they also distribute on trees and their leaves and roots.

Bed bugs are habitually more active during night. But, they also attack and suck their predator’s blood when they are hungry during day time. In homes the warmest place is the bedroom which ensures the presence of bed bugs. More precisely they are present the one place where humans sleep i.e. the bed! Their existence in bed rooms gave them the name of bed bugs.

Bed bugs also live and distribute on cloths. It is interesting to note that bed bugs do not remain attached to the fur or feathers; they leave their host as soon as their hunger is satisfied. They are also found in mattress, bed cover, blanket, bed casing, under carpet, behind wallpapers and so on. The proper precautions must be taken to reduce the existence and spread of bed bugs. There are many insecticides and pesticides available in market which do not only kill bed bugs but also kill their eggs and give you peace of mind.

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