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Title: Student Loans Are Free Money

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Student loans don’t really need to be payed back do they? Student loans apparently have one of the highest default rates of any demographic group. So high in fact, that the banks where I live won’t manage the loans, unless the government guarantees the loan will be payed back. Of course the government can’t really guarantee that a student will be responsible enough to pay back the loans, they just guarantee the they will pay the bank for the loan, if the student bails out on them. This of course eliminates the expense and hassle for the bank of chasing down students after the fact. It happens pretty often, and many of the times when a loan isn’t payed back, and the the government tries chasing down the student, they aren’t very successful in their attempt.

Hey That’s My Money

So all those loans that aren’t payed back by students, are really payed back by the taxpayers. Those same taxpayers, that are already heavily subsidizing a students four years or more of academia bliss. I’m sure many people can’t be very happy about that. Imagine the nerve of those students spending all their student loans on beer kegs and frat parties, when they really should be studying to become doctors, lawyers, writers, and other depraved members of society. Meanwhile, you and I are slaving away in 9-to-5-hell, paying for all this. Secretly were all just jealous, and wish we were them. Of course I’m allowing my writing flamboyancy to overwhelm me somewhat here as I exaggerate. Most students with student loans, work hard at school, and often hold down part time jobs to support themselves. And often in programs that won’t turn them into high paid professionals like doctors and lawyers. I suspect most of the doctors and lawyers do pay back their loans in the long run, simply because they have the financial means to do so. But what about those other important careers that don’t pay big bucks, but still have an important place in our society. Maybe something could be done about student loans to enhance those careers and society in the long run.

Don’t Worry, Keep The Money

Student loans should be free to those and really can’t manage otherwise. There are some students, who just can’t afford to pay back the loans even when they have graduated. And maybe that’s OK. I’m sure a lot of the lesser paid careers that they end up in just don’t pay a whole lot. And often those careers are still valuable to society as a whole. Social workers, and jobs in the arts come to mind. These professions are often viewed as less then “necessary” careers by many “serious” professions. But, they are necessary, and they should be supported as much as possible. Maybe tuition for these society improving careers should be free, just to encourage those wanting to make a difference the chance for a good education. Student loans would obvously be greatly reduced for these students, and the expense of collecting those loans reduced as well. Saving the taxpayers money, and making our world and society a better place at the same time.

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