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Toothache Home Remedies

You already called for an appointment but you can’t get in to see the dentist for another two weeks. What kind of toothache home remedies will give you some relief and get you through to the appointment? There are lots of herbs that have pain relieving qualities and I will share just a few of them with you now.

First, try taking a teabag, black or green will do, and heating it in the microwave with just a little water to moisten it and warm it up. Squeeze out the excess water and while it is still warm place it on the sore tooth. The tannic acid will help reduce swelling and pain. You should feel almost instant relief. Hold the teabag in your mouth by biting down on it

Take the teabag out when it gets cool, save the teabag and see if you can get more than one use out of it. If it does not work as well the second time then just throw it away and use a fresh teabag every time. Tea tends to have a bitter taste when it isn’t sweetened but you should be able to stand it for the little bit of time you will have the teabag in your mouth.

Another one of the toothache home remedies that is popular is the use of cloves or clove oil. cloves and clove oil have a powerful pain relieving compound in them called eugenol. A natural analgesic, eugenol also has anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties as well. You can mix the clove oil with some olive oil and soak a cotton ball in it. Then place the cotton ball on the tooth and hold in there by biting down gently on it.

If you are pregnant clove oil can be damaging to your unborn fetus and should be avoided. The compound eugenol is not regulated by the FDA and therefore you can’t be sure of it’s strength or what dosage to use. If you can’t be sure of what dosage to use then you can’t be sure that it is safe. I have known people to use cloves and clove oil to treat toothaches and they did not seem to have any problems. They also tried to make the dentist appointment as soon as they could.

Other side effects include nausea, vomiting, sedation, sore throat, difficulty breathing due to increased fluid in the lungs, blood disorders, kidney of liver failure and seizures. People with kidney or liver problems or those who have had seizures in the past should not take clove oil at all.

Other remedies you can try that may not be so dangerous are cinnamon mixed with olive oil to make a paste. Dab a q-tip in the mixture and apply it to your tooth. Cinnamon has the same pain-relieving qualities cloves do only without the dangerous side effects.

You could just try one of the old standby toothache home remedies of a half teaspoon of salt in about four ounces warm water and just swish it around your mouth and spit it out. Try to hold it over the sore tooth if you can before spitting it out. The salt will dull the pain.

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