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What Is Hoodia Gordonii?

Many experts say that if you haven’t heard about the new supplement known as Hoodia Gordonii, there’s no doubt you will know about it very soon. Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant, earning popular attention as a potentially powerful weapon in the war against obesity.

This appetite suppressant from the continent of Africa is a fast rising entity in the world of dietary supplements. While many have tried and tested its effects, there are still those who are in the dark about what Hoodia Gordonii is.

Here is some key information about Hoodia Gordonii that one has to know:

-Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent that is found in Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. Bushmen and desert merchants from the area have been using Hoodia for centuries. It is used to ward off hunger during long trips in the desert.

-Hoodia gordonii is entirely natural. Pharmaceutical companies find it so promising that the appetite-suppressing molecule P57 is being tried to be synthesized to create a patented diet drug in the future.

-Only the variation of Gordonii Hoodia has appetite suppressant abilities.

-Hoodia sets the brain into thinking that you’ve eaten, and makes you feel full.

-Hoodia may effect right away, or may take several weeks to take effect.

-Key results of Hoodia reportedly include a reduced interest in food or a loss of appetite, a delay in the time after eating before hunger sets again in mind and in stomach, feeling full more quickly, and a beautiful feeling of confidence.

-Hoodia Gordonii is not to be considered as a stimulant, and has no medically reported side effects.

-Hoodia is discovered to be safe for most people.

There are many dieters that are in search of accurate information and comparisons on Hoodia products that have no doubt come across many contradictories and misinformation on the internet about Hoodia Gordonii. While there are those that do paint the true picture about this wonder plant, there are those that tend to exaggerate thus distorting the facts.

Hoodia Gordonii has made waves across the country so much that CBS and 60 minutes aired segments on their program on using Hoodia as an appetite suppressant. Soon after that, word about Hoodia Gordonii has spread like wildfire across the country about this supposedly “miracle plant”.

Because of this vast popularity, diet pill manufacturers have produced many different brands of Hoodia in different forms, popping up everywhere, everyday. Many companies have relied on this popularity claiming they know definitely everything about Hoodia. The truth is they don’t know everything about Hoodia, in fact no one does, it’s too soon to make claim.

Dietitians and scientists have barely scratched the surface about Hoodia Gordonii. Many studies have been done and Hoodia Gordonii does show promises in the issue of appetite suppression. With the ongoing tests are being done, there are no side effects yet to be found. The best thing to do for those who want to try Hoodia Gordonii at this point is to compare different Hoodia products to one another and do lots of research and studies. Make sure that you consult first with a licensed physician to check out whether it will be good for you.

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