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Forms of Birth Control: Facts and Myths

Among teenagers with an active sex life, the two most common forms of birth control would be the use of birth control pills and latex condoms. While many teenagers prefer not to use any protection at all, these two forms of birth control are the ones that would most likely be used. Since these two forms are considered popular for their age group, it is important to let teenagers know about birth control facts and some accepted myths with regards to these two forms of birth control.

The effectiveness of birth control pills depends on how they are used. While others state the effectivity of such pills to be around 99%, the reality bites it off with only around 87%. The logic behind the difference is owed entirely to user habits. Decreasing the effectiveness of birth control pills include missing days, skipping pills, or taking the pill at different times a day. Since teenagers are experiencing acne at this point, some birth control pills can help control acne, while some prescription medications as well as herbal treatments such as St. John’s Wort help in decreasing the effectiveness of the pills. If there is a possibility that one is currently using any of these while on the pill, informing the doctor may be a good idea. Smokers should consider a different form of birth control, mainly because the pill is not recommended for smokers of any age. Another fact for taking the pill would be its benefits, such as having lesser chances of getting pelvic inflammatory disease, protection against benign breast cysts, protection against ovarian cysts and cancer, uterine cancer and PMS.

Contrary to myth, birth control pills will not make a woman fat. One does not need to take a break from using the pill, and there is no medical reason for going off the pill periodically. Another myth that most people believe about pills is that it increases or changes a female user’s body odor.

In the case of condoms, it is a known fact that this form of birth control would be the most effective protection against AIDS and HIV. Also, condoms are only to be used as directed on the package. Never double up on condoms since this will increase the chance of breakage. Never use oil based lubricants like baby oil, cold cream, Vaseline, or any cooking oil since this too, can cause breakage. Novelty condoms should be examined more closely to ascertain the said products’ effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and STDs. Reading the label would be a good idea just to make sure.

Some of the myths about condoms include a decrease in the sensitivity of guys, but this does not mean that there is no sensation. Actually, this can help guys that experience premature ejaculation. Men who want to use condoms do not need a prescription since it can be bought almost anywhere nowadays. With few exceptions, condoms are one size fits all. There are not many guys who are too large nor too small for the average condom. By knowing the facts and myths about these common birth control methods, teenagers can now have a better perspective on birth control.

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