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What is Really Vital?

What is really vital? This question, if not asked directly, is implied in many other questions we ask every day others and what is more, ourselves. That’s because we all need some base, some value foundation for our life in order to get a system of coordinates in which we would feel comfortable to function. For some people family becomes such an anchor, for others success in professional sphere.

The actual problem for most people is that we are frequently taken aback with some trivial things rather than with those ‘vital’ ones. Just think of your daily worries. You begin your day thinking heavily of possible weather surprises. Then you choose your clothes for the day, worrying about suitability etc. When you at last leave your place and get to transport, traffic jams that’s what takes all your thoughts and demands your constant attention to any slightest change in traffic. No wonder that traffic jams cause stresses. Stress, previously strange word, has now become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Why is it so? Why are we so much prone to worrying a lot about some small things? Every day does bring a piece of happiness, because we are still healthy, people whom we love are with us, life’s going on, but we have our mood down because of unexpected rain or anything else. Instead of thinking how happy we are, due to a number of reasons, some of which have been already mentioned, we tend to overemphasize small daily worries. The moment when we start really appreciate those ‘vital’ things in our life, like our family, our friends, our relations with other people, is the moment when we lose them. Then unspeakable emptiness fills our inner world and that’s when we realize what is truly vital and what is only trifles. We need to realize the root of our dissatisfaction and see whether it has objective grounds or is more kind of a whim. Feeling of satisfaction is not measured by the quantity of cars you possess or by the degrees you held. Feeling of satisfaction is internal and very often does not depend on external things. “If you want to be happy, be happy”, – that is embodied wisdom we should recollect when complaining about broken heel as a reason for grief.

Our life comprises a lot of things, aspects etc. Frankly speaking, trifles do make our life very often because we depend on them, but concentrating on them will not make us happier. Moreover, it will bring more stresses, while we instead have to focus on essential things and try to appreciate every moment of our life.

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